Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deep Breath

Today we get ready to go back in for Treatment set 2. The biggest thing is that her blood counts be above 750 today - they were 704 on Monday. she has been having so much fun with her best friend and they are leaving today so I know that this will be hard. But we have stuff that will keep our minds off of heavy hearts. Just gotta get it all done in time.
Tomorrow is the PET/CT scan at 10am. We are supposed to check in at clinic after the PET/CT and then off to the PSCU to prepare for treatment. I hope we are prepared this time a little better. We bought drinks and some snack food that should be fine for her tender tummy.
I still have to go get Sprite. Then we have to pack bags (but need to finish laundry first!!!) .
The other kids will go to Grandma's. This weekend at the goat show is also the Fundraiser -
They are having a Silent Auction - if anyone wants to go - it is at the Livestock Pavilion at Expo NM. You can enter in thru gate 6 turn right immediately and the white building strait in front is the Pavilion (there is parking behind the building) Follow the sounds of goats hollering!!!!
It is not to late to donate if you want to the silent Auction - as far as I know Linda, Sandy, Heather and Donna are still taking donations.
Prayer Requests - I have several today- that the blood counts today are high enough for her to begin treatment tomorrow. (over 750) and that the CT/PET scan shows an 80+% in tumor reduction and no active cells so she doesn't have to do radiation or more chemo. Please pray for a friend of mine - I can give no details but just lift her and her family up and that God's peace and strength will just be upon them for the difficulties they are facing. For another friend who had to file bankruptcy due to the housing market insanity- for their peace and God's provision for them to get back on their feet. That the medications would work for Alyssa and that this Chemo won't be as hard as the last one was.
Praise Reports - her spirits have been high from her getting so spend 3 wonderful days with our friends. It really has been a boost for her.
Thank yous - To everyone who is praying for her to get thru this treatment, for those who are fasting for her tomorrow at Saturday during her treatments - Your devotion and support are soooooo appreciated! To my goat buddies who are putting on this fundraiser for us. Thank you all so much. SR for giving our little Pepper a home! The J Family for just coming and holding us up these past few days - for your distraction and shoulder to cry on. REALLY needed that!!!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You have so many people supporting Aly and your family, trust that all will work out. It's all in God's hands now anyway. All we can do is pray.

Don't forget how amazingly blessed you are every day.