Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Here is little buck on the tail end of a jump. He's so active I think he's going to be dubbed Daredevil while he's here. My daughter is HORRIFIED that I am calling him Z3.

Here is Daredevil greeting the much bigger Gerados (aka Monster Muffin) the Boer/Alpine cross thru the fence. Though he's only 3 weeks older you can see that he's HUGE in comparison - LOL - this doesn't faze Daredevil one bit!!!

This is the cute and sweet little Broken Chamoisee - her nickname right now is Koko short for the Japanese name my daughter would love to call her if we get to keep her which isn't promising right this minute.

And last but not least - CBF TD SG Pepper. Long handle for such a little rascal. She's too busy trying not to fall over from a leap! Pepper appears to be sold to the Ruiz's of Fence Lake, NM. They are now waiting (on pins and needles with us) for the other two does to give birth so they can pick out their second doeling who will also be named after a spice.
Their herd will be the Spice Girls. Thanks guys for buying little Pepper and giving her a good home!!!! Pepper and her new herdmate will be shown by the Ruiz' at the Quad show May 2, 3.
I am hoping to learn how to put videos on YouTube and then post them here someday if I can.

Bliss - Another peaceful, uneventful day - not to say that nothing happened to day - just nothing real exciting = which is real nice. The kids played all day and so did the moms. T and I made Nuno felted scarves and we took the kids on a picnic at the park and played hard. Then the adults went out to eat while the kids had Taco/movie night. AAAAAH, it was blissful.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a great day. It's such a blessing to get out and about with friends and family.

The babies are adorable.