Saturday, March 7, 2009

False Alarm.

Well, we aren't coming home today. even though she drank the requisite cup of Sprite AND a pear slice, she started feeling icky again and Dr. Winter said he wasn't comfortable sending her home looking like she did. He said he couldn't be the one who set us up for failure so he ordered another day of bed rest and fluids. He seems to think she will be spunky enough for being sprung tomorrow. I will certainly be glad for that and so will she - surprisingly she didn't argue with him though she of course wants to leave. I know she is resting comfortably right now - Thank you for calling Connie.
We've had a few tests of character lately -= the big ones being dealing with our health plan and the pharmacy. I was in tears when we left yesterday without the GCSF because the Health plan denied. Aaron called Customer Care and finally got it taken care of - for those of you who don't know GCSF helps the bone marrow make lots of blood cells so that she can produce what she needs to fight infections and this cancer. While he was there he was supposed to pick up 3 other prescriptions (1 Chemo, 1 to fight infection in her port just in case and a pepcid for side effects - they didn't have them ready despite them being called in HOURS earlier. ) AAAARGH.
We are trying to switch to a different pharamacy. Please pray that i don't blow a gasket over this stuff. Wouldn't be a very good witness but it is so frustrating to deal with the Health plan over all of this. The wording on their letters okaying her treatments etc. are HORRID - makes me want to scream as they seem so flippant about it all - AS IF they would be so casual with their own family members? NO - I'm sure they would be Johnny on the spot with their approvals if it were their children!!!!!! Like someone said yesterday - wonder what legal loophole that is supposed to create. Thankfully we have a team of Dr.s and Nurses on our side who want nothing more than this child to be cured and moving into the Survivor phase - they want to not see Alyssa anymore after the 3rd round of Chemo except for yearly checkups where they get to say - YOU are still in remission girl - see you next year and we can begin ticking off those years like my mom does!!!!!!

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