Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on CBFNigerians

There has been a flurry of activity here at CBF Nigerians lately. We are about 1 month away from kidding. Tomorrow is the 21st - officially 1 month until CBF CS Paint Th'Sky With Stars is due to kid. We drew blood from the 4 pregnant does on Monday and got it sent to WADDL for our annual CAEs. I also got most of the hooves trimmed, worming done and began giving the pregnant does (Stars) their shots. I cleaned pens and braved the stink and got Intrigue's worming/hoof trims done. He's such a great boy, I got him all set up and hubby took an updated picture of him. He stands sooooo nicely. I hate showing bucks but if I have the money, I may have to go ahead and show him in March. It's hard to tell through all that hair, but he sure is maturing nicely. I believe Stars is to have his first set of kids - there is another doe who got bred around the same time so it's hard to tell who will go first (Halona, the other doe, resides at Last Straw Nigerians in Belen). This time of year is so exciting as a lot of folks have begun their kidding already and it makes me a bit impatient for our little ones to come. Also, after getting the news about Pecan being one of the first group of Nigerians to earn the Superior Genetics title in ADGA, I am really excited to see what this boy can do in our herd.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last snow of 2010.

WE got snow. The poor little goaties did not like it at all but the rest of us enjoyed the 2 hours snow until it melted. Which was quick! My kids (2 legged) are all bummed because it didn't snow more and they didn't get enough, nor did it stick around long enough for them to even play in it.
But,Im so glad we had a bit of snow before we said goodbye to 2010!
Happy New Year from the gang at CBF Nigerians!