Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Hard Decision.

After a lot of thought about this I have decided to put my precious Twinkle up for sale as well. I will get pictures and post them of her. I have thought long and hard about this for about a week and beyond just my wanting her I cannot think of a single reason why I shouldn't sell her right now. I do not need the extra work, I don't really need the milk as I have Priss and Joie. I don't need an extra mouth to feed and she's a good doe. I am keeping her mom, her half sister, and her daughter. As much as it hurts I believe this is the right decision, right now since I am opting to have the surgery to have the nodule out. I am going to miss that pretty little girl. She is so sweet and really is a lovely First Freshener. She reminds me of a little gazelle she is so dairy. I also see improvement in her over her mom who I love dearly and can't part with. It is with a very heavy heart that I am going to put her out there with a lot of prayer that someone who will treasure her like I do will see her and want her. Tomorrow after I get pictures I will officially post CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Star for sale.

Bittersweet Day

Why is it on the day that we should feel ecstatic that I feel overwhelmed, sad, stressed, tired....everything BUT ecstatic? Thru this whole experience we have felt the Overwhelming peace of God. I have known He is taking care of us and yet, today, the day that is supposed to be our last day of treatment I am sitting here wondering.....is it really over? I mean I know it is not over - we have diagnostics every three months or so and labs monthly for the next year. I still have to go in about my Thyroid nodule. I am feeling like the world is a rough place to be right now. I feel like our future is really up in the air - are we on the right path, is God switching our path and letting us know thru this series of events? I don't know. I broke down crying on the way home because I look at my daughter and she looks so small. She looks like a child again and not my feisty teen. She has been thru the medical ringer so to speak and she doesn't want to see the inside of the hospital ever again but has no choice (I know exactly how she feels right now as I face my own giants.)I think the only thing holding me together right now is knowing WHO is carrying us thru this all.
If I had to walk right now - I'd fall down in a pathetic heap. I'm clinging and that is all I can do right now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr. Suave got shaved.

This coming weekend is the Quad show. I'm not doing near as much showing as I'd like but Mr. Storm is going to be there for all 4 shows. We'd sure like to get a few good wins on this boy. So, I shaved him. He looks soooooo different without his hair.

Standing pretty for the camara. I hope he does well. I will also be taking little Kokoro Kiseki (Alyssa's doe) to the show as well as Ammi and Pepper. I'll probably throw the two does for sale in as well just for good measure. We will see what happens. I don't know how big the show is but I just found out Lost Valley herd is coming over from TX for the show. Should be a fun (work filled) week getting ready!!!!

Update for week of April 27

This week we are going to have several things going on. Monday and Thursday are blood draws and on Tuesday we have Alyssa is having her Vincristine administered. This is the one that makes her hurt so bad but thankfully we know what helps her feel better so we will take her Oxycodone with us on Tuesday. It will be so nice to be done with all of this. Alyssa says she is getting a metallic taste in her mouth now from the treatment. Most food doesn't taste good to her. It is soooo hard to get her to eat because so many things taste funny.
Today was Nik's birthday and her is saving all his birthday cash for a Nintendo DSi.
We celebrated at home so as not to overdo Alyssa's energy levels. Poor Nik wanted to go to Red Robin and to a movie! But we will put that off. Thankfully with the icky stuff (blood draws, chemo treatments, CT scans etc.) there are some good stuff scattered in - we just found out the Make a Wish Foundation is coming over on Wed to talk to Alyssa about her WISH. Then on the 16th of May there is a foundation that pays for the UNM peds Oncology kids to go to Cliff's Amusement Park. That will be so much fun.
Well, I guess I will sign off for now - please pray for the Vincristine appt to go smoothly and for the blood draws to go well (no TPA appts etc.!!!)
Nothing new on the goat front except I shaved the buck - I'll do that as a separate post.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

HOME again!

After a little more that 48 hours in the hospital we are home again. It was pretty much like the last two times. They began the chemo - several hours after finishing she got sick and then once the anti nausea drugs kicked in she was out like a light - I'm not used to that much quiet for that long - it was almost un- nerving but I ended up reading and beading. It was nice. Once she started to wake up she was back on the chemo drugs. She slept thru the night and was pretty bright eyed this morning. Dr. Heideman thought she looked well enough to go home and as soon as everything was loaded in the car it was off to home for us. We've been home for about 4 hours now. Feels so good to be here. I had to cry because the realization that this was probably our last hospitalization for chemo is beginning to set in. It all kind of seems like a bad dream (bad enough to make me really have a bad dream our first night in the hospital that all 3 of my kids had Lymphoma - that is a nightmare!!!!!) I am exhausted tired from lack of sleep tuesday night but i'm going to bed way early tonight. This weekend is my son's birthday and I'd like to at least not be cranky and tired for that!!!! LOL. As usual we have been well taken care of thanks to the amazing organization skills of Linda and the kindness of our friends and family.
I heard too that two more of Storm's kids have been born (if this is a repeat - forgive - sometimes I forget that I've already posted something) , doe/buck twins. I cannot wait to go out to Camino Allegre and take pics for our progeny page that we are planning for the website and the herdbook.
Well, that's about all I have tonight. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Thank you Martins again for the wonderful tacos, The Valentino's for the wonderful pasta and salad. and Kim and Joe for the Pot Pie and canteloup - YUMMY!!!! Also the Goldsmith's for the ice cream. you all are just awesome!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Feel Like Crying.

Here we are, back at UNMH, presumably for our last treatment. We've been doing
Chemo since around 3:30pm (they decided that if we start earlier we might get to go home earlier - I agree!!!) Alyssa and I were changed into our jammies just relaxing and hanging out
I'm beading and Aly is watching NCIS. I had just hung up the phone from talking to my family and saying goodnight. In walks in admitting and they want us to pay a $150 copay. ARE THEY KIDDING? At 9pm? IN my jammies just before Alyssa is going to get sick from the chemo (usually 3 hours after the last drug is administered though we started early tonight.) Talk about catching someone unawares. I mean, this is our 4th admission and they've never ever done this before so why now and why this late at night (turns out admitting is open 24/7) I guess they've changed policies and they are being asked to make sure folks pay their copays when they check in - hence the episode leading me to be escorted down to admitting at 9:30 at night. It's not that it that big of a deal but I knew these things were coming and I guess it caught me off guard. After the stress of the day - I just feel like crying. I just want to be here with my precious daughter to help her through these rough spots......not running around UNMH late at night paying bills. GRRRRRRR!!!
On a more positive note - this is our last treatment, Alyssa got the Suite (the Princess is getting the royal treatment) You should see this room - It's HUGE. It's got two windows and two extra beds in it. Very roomy...apparently this is the room the kids request (hm. no one told us that we could request a room!) Anyway. We also ran into K. Yep he's here again (every week are his treatments) he updated us on his lung surgery (the last time we were here he was coming out of surgery) and it turns out the nodules were nothing more than some scar tissue (praise GOD!!!!)
and he only has 5 more treatments after this one because his last evaluations showed a 90% or more reduction in cancer cells (another Praise!!!!!) I am Thanking our Father for answered prayer for K. I also heard that M is doing pretty good as well. GOOD NEWS!!!
Well, we are going to try to hit the hay soon and hope the anti-nausea drugs keep the nausea at bay and we can get some sleep!
Please pray for our friends the A family - their daughter is going to have to go back to Ohio for another "reconstruction" and to help her be better able to care for herself. It apparently is going to be a MAJOR surgery for this little 5 year old - they will have to spend about 2 months in Ohio for the surgery and recovery. i know this will be hard on the family and on this precious little one. Please pray for them all. Also, they have a young pregnant goat who is having some problems and they are very worried about their little one. This a very beloved family pet. (all of their animals are of cours - like ours!) Please pray they are able to find out what is wrong with their doe and that she will be fine and deliver her babies safely in one month.....
thank you all for letting me unload. Just had to get that off my chest.

Monday, April 20, 2009

CBF TD "Daredevil" is Sold

This handsome little man whose name is temporarily "daredevil" is sold. We are so happy is going to be a herdsire and help put little milkers on the ground in a new herd. Thank you so much LS for buying this beautiful, wonderful little man!!!!
I cannot wait to see what he does for your little herd.

Tomorrow is it.

Well, tomorrow is the big day - in theory - the last Chemo treatment day.
Aly isn't really wanting to go in but neither does she want to put this off anymore!
So, tonight we will be packing up to go back in for 3 days. Child care is taken care of (Thank you LS, LA and Dear Hubby), meals are taken care of (Thank you LS for scheduling all of that!)
and I need to make sure my laundry is done. I have books to read, knitting and crocheting to do.
I think we are about ready...

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yep, the nasty cold bit us in the heiny. WE are rescheduled for Tues-Thursday. UGH. I am actually feeling better but poor Alyssa is at the beginning stages of the nasty cold. She got it yesterday. This one is really nasty and we know a lot of folks who have it including my mother in law and sister in law. It's probably good we are postponed - taking the other kids over there today and having them watch the kids would have worn them out - this is about the most not fun cold I've had in a long time and makes your head hurt and your chest/throat feel like they are on fire! Your head is so congested you can't keep your eyes open. Hubby has it too and is home from work. It's a nice cold day - I am beginning to wonder if we will see real spring or if we are going to wake up in May to blazing hot weather!!!! Summer will be here - we will have skipped spring!!! (oh wait - I think we had a week or two of it earlier in March - I forgot!!!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

End of an Era - Maybe?

I made the difficult decision to sell Dixie and her babies this year.
This is probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever made - next to selling Dixie's mom Willow. Willow was our first Nigerian. I loved that doe - I miss that doe - her snippy attitude, her beautiful coat, Dixie looks a lot like her except in color but she even has her attitude! I went back and forth and I finally decided this line wasn't working as well for me as the other lines I have.

I fell in love with Dixie the minute I laid eyes on her impish little face when she was born. I couldn't sell her even though I'd made up my mind to. No, I ended up keeping both my does last year when i'd intended to sell one. Dixie has her mother's lovely udder, wide body, but has more angularity and dairy quality to her than her mother. Dixie surpassed my expectations when she won Jr. Champion at 6 weeks of age over several does much older than her. So, are you asking yourself why I decided to sell my darling Dixie? This year I came to the stark realization that i cannot milk 5 does. Not with all that is going on - Alyssa's cancer, My thyroid deal. Just isn't happening. I thought, for a while that when she kidded triplets that would be the icing on the cake - I should keep Dixie or one of her doelings (trust me - it's INCREDIBLY tempting) I am trying to justify. I still think - I should keep someone. But really I cannot do it right now. I milked the girls and since I will be doing the Lion's share of the milking this year I have to let the doe go who is the hardest for me to milk. As a first freshener - Dixie's teats are too small for me. "leave one of her babies on her and keep her" you say - ummm - 2 extra mouths to feed right now with medical bills looming (as my nephew likes to say "DARK CLOUDS LOOOOOMING!!!!!" said with an ominous voice)?
"Keep one of her babies then" you say. UMMMMM - yeah, that extra money would come in real handy this year to feed the rest of the herd. I already am keeping two babies I did not plan to keep - One for Alyssa and one because I'd really like to see what my next generation is going to be like . And Frankly I'm not even conviced I'll keep her but might have to because of the bad reaction she had to hornburning. So I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Willow was our first Nigie - the gal who got this love of Nigerians started. She is always going to have a place in my heart, as will miss Dixie - But sometimes you even have to let a good one go because of circumstances beyond your control. Willow is helping a new person start their herd of Nigerians - Dixie's daddy Entei is too, and NOW I guess it's Dixie's turn to do the same thing. It looks like she's sold. I know I'll cry when they come take precious Dixie and her son away but I also know that they will be starting a new herd for someone - I can't think of a better doe to do it than miss Dixie! These folks need a loveable sweet first goat and Dixie will be just that!!!!
Sigh. Thanks for listening.

Maybe back to the Hospital

If all goes according to plan - we will be back to the hospital tomorrow. Of course you know how plans are - I came down with this nasty cold on Monday morning and Alyssa complained of a sore throat this morning. I've been giving her EmergenC and Zicam. Trying to hedge off this thing. I've been Cloroxing the house and being on the kids about hand sanitizer, not sharing cups and stuff - IT isn't working! How frustrating. I have a call into the clinic to see what they want to do about this so I don't know if we will be going in or not. I know Alyssa doesn't want to go but we both want to just get the last treatment (we hope) over with!!!! We already have a follow up CT scan and a follow up chest Xray scheduled for the week of May 4th. WE did have our blood draw this morning so I expect the clinic will wait to have those results before they make a decision regarding her treatment. Please pray that this cold never really takes hold for her and that she can just go get this over with. I know it would be horrible to have this cold and go into the hospital and have to deal with a cold AND all the chemo side effects. Plus I guess they'll keep us in isolation too to make sure no one else gets exposed to this nasty thing. For those of you praying for my Ultrasound results - I still haven't heard back from Dr Spafford about the results. (NO news is good news??????)
On a positive note - my buck had two more kids yesterday - twin blue eyed doelings out of Camino Alegre's Tinker Bell who is also out of our lines (CBF Entei X CBF Serendipidy's Laikla).
The family who had the babies is excited and they have 3 more does due to Storm - could have a whole slew of blue eyed doelings since that seems to be what Storm is throwing this year!!!! I know Camino Allegre is considering selling some of these babies so if you want some blue eyed does out of good milking lines - here's your chance!!! I promise I will get pictures when I can and post them - I should do a whole page of Storm's offspring so folks can see them!!! He sure is a producer of does! I am very happy with this little buck. He will remain her for at least one more year if not much longer. He and some of our does will be showing at the May show (May 2 &3) at the Expo NM Livestock Pavillion.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair and other fun things

First off Alyssa wanted me to ask my readers - which wig looks best on her. The purple highlighted pictured here (ignore the washed out look - she doesn't really look THAT white. Just the camara flash!)
Or the Walnut bobcut seen here? She thinks she knows which one she would rather wear but she wants my readers to give me their two cents.

Saturday my cousin's daughter and her mother in law came by with this LOVELY (I'm NOT coveting my daugter's quilt) lap quilt that she can take with her to the hospital during treatments etc. I know a lot of love went into this beautiful quilt!!!! On the back, they had family sign it with well wishes for Alyssa

Here she is reading one of them (I suspect trying not to cry!) What a beautiful, thoughtful, personal gift.
I again and WAAAAAAY behind on Thank you etc. To P&P Jones for the cupcakes and fun easter goodies for my kids - you made their day!!!! Oh, and before I forget again - if I have one of your pans, containers and you want it back - please let me know - I have a huge pileup of pans etc and need to get them back !!!! Along with Thankyou notes that I keep forgetting to get to folks.
I'm BAD.
Prayer Request - Today is my ultrasound on my thyroid and I'm a bit nervous please pray there is NO growth and we can wait a little longer. I really do not relish the thought of me doing surgery right now either!!!Also, Aaron and I are feeling like we are coming down with a cold!! we are taking Vit. C and other stuff but please pray we can hedge this off and the two younger kids and Alyssa do NOT get this!!!! NOT good timing!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Been Awhile.

I seem to be back to the catch up gang and that means other things suffer a bit. Including this blog. I just happen to have a moment while cooking dinner to update everyone. Last week was fairly uneventful except for Alyssa's side effects sending her up and down in the pain, headache, tiredness and lethargy departments. We were able to hedge the effects of the Vincristine on Friday with a prescription of Percocet (one is all it took and she only took Tylenol after that - she's like her mom - doesn't like the strong drugs and the wierd way they make you feel).
The friday appt wasn't as long as the last time and I feel like we are just getting the hang of it all.
To think - we figure things out and we are almost done and I hope I NEVER have to use my knowlege AGAIN!!!!! This week, despite dipping blood levels she seems to be on a much more even keel and we actually got quite a bit of homeschooling done (not everything but still!)
I got a phone call from a dear fiber buddy who has been praying for us since this all began and she said her 70 year old brother was diagnosed with the same thing - PLEASE pray for their family as well!!!!! I also need to catch up on some thank you's as well - To CH and family, SN and Family for the yummy meals you provided for us on Friday and Saturday - such a huge blessing to us to not have to worry about food for a few days! To DM and Family and SN and Family for the lovely flowers and gift card for Alyssa (PS - look at our website - link to right of this for cbfnigeriangoats and check out the upper right hand corner photo!!!!) To K,M and Family for the pizza night money!!!! Thank you so much!
WE are still on a high from the news that Aly is in remission - it is so nice to think everyday when giving shots, going thru blood draws, watching that date for the next treatment looming that really there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!
Thank you all again for your prayers, support, and blessings - we could NOT do this without All of you - LS - thank you again for coordinating EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

what I have learned.

I was in a very reflective mood today. I was thinking about the way things were before we got this diagnosis and how things are now. I just wanted to share with you all some of what I've been considering today!
1. NEVER take good health and life for granted. About 9 months ago family and friends were getting on my case to go in for a checkup - I hadn't done that in a while. Not only did we do me but I did the kids. While at that time nothing was caught except the node on my thyroid - I thought we were doing really well. HA - surprise! And you never ever think that your kid will be the one who winds up with something like this - I always figured I'd be diagnosed with breast cancer before any of my kids would get sick. I learned a valuable lesson!
2. Just because you appear healthy and are trying to eat better or do something good for you health doesn't always mean you will be healthy forever!!Looking at Alyssa I would think she was the picture of health. Thankfully that is good because when they staged her - she was on the A side, not the B side which meant she had drastic weight loss, night sweats and other side symptoms but the cancer was still there and frankly the first 2 times her neck swelled and went down I passed it off as allergies or a cold. NOT SO - that is a classic sign of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
3. We have more friends than we think we do. Wow. I was so overwhelmed with the friends who came out to support us in this. I was in awe - I knew I had friends but I have FRIENDS!!!
Folks who I thought were just acquaintances stepped up and did things for us, my close friends really rallied around us took the reigns so we could be free to just take care of our daughters and son. Folks we've only met once or twice have called, checked our blog, prayed, brought us meals, watched our kids and hugged my daughter thru this. My family is abundantly blessed and I count sooooo many people as blessings in my life.
4. NEVER take your family for granted. Again, I am abundantly blessed. When I think of some of these kids/families who don't have the support system we do I think about what it would have been like to NOT have the family, extended family, and in-laws I have. AGAIN, I could them all as huge blessings and they all play their part and are there for us in this and I can't even begin to thank our family enough for all they are doing, have done and probably will do before this is all over with. Having a husband who is there for you too and a partner in good times as well as bad is something I cannot even imagine not having. He is just awesome and I thank God daily that I have him.
5. Don't just give up the stuff you love because you are going thru rough times. When this was all new I was ready to sell all my goats and throw myself into caring for Alyssa and using the money for her meds/medical bills. UM. Yeah, money is always nice but really I can't tell you what a huge blessing and smile therapy having the baby goats has been through this. It has helped us all. Alyssa who thought she was done with goats and doing dogs only is back in goats and has chosen a doeling from our crop for hers. It's worth it to see her so happy while holding that little doeling.
6. LET GO!!!!! I'm a pretty self sufficient kind of gal (and probably a bit too prideful to boot) I like to do things myself and not rely on others. I strongly maintain NOW that sometimes you have to let go and let others or something like this will eat your lunch - I had to let go and actually ask for help from folks and that wasn't easy - I was even THANKED for letting folks help - I am so dang grateful to everyone for all they have done and do that I can't even begin to let folks know the gratitude and appreciation my family has for all the folks who've done things for us. I've had days when I couldn't even begin to think about cooking and am so grateful we have someone who is taking care of that! I've had days where I go thru the day and am up at the hospital and will be there and realized I forgot to water my animals and had to ask. I forgot to go back to the feed store and get the right grain for my goats and had a friend who I asked and she did it for me. Sometimes you just need to ask!!!!
7. YOU are stronger than you think. I've been asked by many folks how I'm doing this? I don't know - I don't have time to think about it - I just do it. I love the verse that says "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me" in Phillipians and the one that says that we need to ask
and "He will give us the peace that surpasses all understanding" (can't remember where that one is right now but I do know that those two verses are the two I can say we are living right now. He has poured out his peace in our heart and Strength in our bodies to get thru each day. Sure we go to bed exhausted or have days that we think we might be near the breaking point with grief or whatever - but we are still here and still walking thru this!!!!!
8. NEVER ever forget your other family members. My other two kids have been incredibly tremendous thru this trial. They have stepped up to the plate in so many areas it's almost stunning. But just because they do that doesn't mean you get to forget about them and their feelings. Nik has said he sometimes feels left out and forgotten in this and no matter how hard you try you may still fall short. I have to remember - they are little and need love and attention too - they can't be forgotten thru this either. I was blessed in that I was able to take the two little ones out to eat for a thank you lunch to them because they have been so awesome. I want to do more but sometimes money is tight or time is tight and I can't but the night cuddles and school time and trying to keep their schedules as normal as possible just has to suffice sometimes!!!!
9. Be Flexible. HMPH. I am one of those folks who thought I was flexible and realized I do not like my little schedule messed up. I am learning that schedules need to be changed when they need to be changed and sometimes, something you thought was a priority - ISN'T. yeah, sometimes you find out you are iron woman when you need to be well - Gumby!!!!
Neither one is good or bad - they just have their appropriate place in life!!!
10. GIVE when you can and where you can. I was told I was a very giving person. I realized thru this that I'm more selfish than I should be. I can give more than I ever thought possible and that sometimes it isn't the size of the gift that matters - It's the heart behind it. Everyone has something to give even if they think it's small and menial - to the receiver, sometimes that little gift may just be the thing that lifts their WHOLE DAY!!!!!
I'm sure I've learned more than this but I can say - I've learned A LOT!!!!!
The biggest thing I've learned - GOD IS GOOD! Abundantly, Incredibly, Undeniable GOOD!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Sale - Doeling

I have gone back and forth about this doe and her sister for days now. I wasn't going to keep any babies and now I want to keep two - mainly because I feel that
two babies are better off than one and since Aly wants to keep one I need a buddy. I don't have any other goats their ages and of course I have the mom's but they have so much fun playing together. It really worked well to have Dixie and Malina together this past year. It is with a heavy heart I am putting this lovely well built doe up for sale. This doe is wide with a good spring of ribs, strait legs, level topline and is very angular. I also love this doe's beautiful dark chocolate color. She only has the little white stripe on her side. Her coat is a beautiful soft curly consistency - Her mom had the same coat when she was born. She is out of Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm and CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Star. Twinkle has a lovely, easy to milk FF udder that is definitely worth taking note of. She appears to following in Joie's hoofprints and I am planning on Milk Testing her this spring. She should be an easy one to get a star on. Twinkle was a sleeper in the show ring this last year. She went from last place as a wee one to up in the top 2 later on. She is a nice, dairy animal. If you are interested in any of our babies for sale please contact me at NMgoatgal@gmail.com.

For Sale - Wether

This is Tinker Bell's Brother (Piddlin acres H Calm the Storm X CBF Ent's Whistling Dixie) who currently goes unnamed. He is adorable and pretty friendly as well. I think he'd make a nice show wether for someone. He's very angular and nicely built. I do not sell bucks out of first fresheners so he is only available as a pet wether or companion to another one of our goats.
He is a Chocolate Pinto tho it's a bit hard to tell - looks black and white in this picture.

For Sale - Doeling

This little peanut is temporarily being called Tinker Bell due to her very small size. Despite her tiny stature, she is one of the widest babies out there in the back end. I so wish I could keep them all but I have to restrain myself. My daughter Aly picked out one she loves and I have my sights set on another doe (but that is another post)
Tinker Bell is a Chocolate buckskin with only a white topknot. She is out of CBF Ent's Whistling Dixie and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm. Strait legs, Level topline and wide escutceon area is what I'm seeing out of this little doe - She is being partially bottle fed as her mom just isn't making enough for all three babies = She's a little fiesty thing tho, when the other mom's aren't paying attention she just goes up and nurses. PLUS she's getting 4 bottles per day. I believe she will make someone a very precious doeling with her fiesty attitude and she's a snuggle bug to boot!!!!

SOLD babies

Here are photos of the two girls who are sold. This is CBF TD SG Pepper. She is out of Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre *D and Piddlin Acres KR TapDance. She was born on March 22, 2009 and is a beautiful little black doe - The only white on her is on her head, frosting on her ears and muzzle. She's got a nice personality too and is very friendly!
This is CBF CS SG Ammi. Ammi is Cumin (are you seeing the trend? ) Their new herd is all being named after spices - too cool! The Ruiz family also purchased two does from PrairieWood - Nutmeg and ??? and the girls are very close in age so they will have a nice start to their little herd. HOW fun!

Ammi and Pepper are already bonding well. I am sure SR can't wait to get all her precious girls home. I am furiously working to get their paperwork done for both ADGA and AGS so they can be shown in the May Quad show. Just need a copy of Pepper's dad's AGS certificate and we will get this done in time to show.
Thank you again SR for giving our precious girls a good home!