Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair and other fun things

First off Alyssa wanted me to ask my readers - which wig looks best on her. The purple highlighted pictured here (ignore the washed out look - she doesn't really look THAT white. Just the camara flash!)
Or the Walnut bobcut seen here? She thinks she knows which one she would rather wear but she wants my readers to give me their two cents.

Saturday my cousin's daughter and her mother in law came by with this LOVELY (I'm NOT coveting my daugter's quilt) lap quilt that she can take with her to the hospital during treatments etc. I know a lot of love went into this beautiful quilt!!!! On the back, they had family sign it with well wishes for Alyssa

Here she is reading one of them (I suspect trying not to cry!) What a beautiful, thoughtful, personal gift.
I again and WAAAAAAY behind on Thank you etc. To P&P Jones for the cupcakes and fun easter goodies for my kids - you made their day!!!! Oh, and before I forget again - if I have one of your pans, containers and you want it back - please let me know - I have a huge pileup of pans etc and need to get them back !!!! Along with Thankyou notes that I keep forgetting to get to folks.
I'm BAD.
Prayer Request - Today is my ultrasound on my thyroid and I'm a bit nervous please pray there is NO growth and we can wait a little longer. I really do not relish the thought of me doing surgery right now either!!!Also, Aaron and I are feeling like we are coming down with a cold!! we are taking Vit. C and other stuff but please pray we can hedge this off and the two younger kids and Alyssa do NOT get this!!!! NOT good timing!!!!!


Lauren said...

Hmmm...ok so she looks cute in both. I feel that the first one fits her personality a bit better and will be cooler with the approach of summer. I really like the second one for it is very cute and provides a different style than that which we have seen on Alyssa in the past. So...I don't know. Tough choice. If I had to narrow it down, I would most likely pick the first one for it will be cooler and comfort is much more attractive to me!

"My Blessings" said...


I love the "Walnut bobcut!" So, one vote for that, that's not to say I don't think you look pretty darn cute in the shorter look...but mom asked for the vote! Keep your views posted...there are those of us very dedicated to this blog! Love you. Denise

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hi! It's so great to see a recent photo of you, Alyssa. I vote for the bobcut. It's young and girlie and fits your beautiful personality better.
You wear that style well, sweetie.

Your quilt is just lovely, too.


Laura and Marc said...

HI! They are both cute as can be! I like the perky, short, red one best, but the other one is really cute, too! I bet you look just as beautiful with no hair as you do with the wigs! We miss you and love you!

Laura and Marc said...

Hey! What if the longer one is made from Jeremiah's hair? Wouldn't that be something?
I'm anxious to see you guys!