Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Sale - Doeling

I have gone back and forth about this doe and her sister for days now. I wasn't going to keep any babies and now I want to keep two - mainly because I feel that
two babies are better off than one and since Aly wants to keep one I need a buddy. I don't have any other goats their ages and of course I have the mom's but they have so much fun playing together. It really worked well to have Dixie and Malina together this past year. It is with a heavy heart I am putting this lovely well built doe up for sale. This doe is wide with a good spring of ribs, strait legs, level topline and is very angular. I also love this doe's beautiful dark chocolate color. She only has the little white stripe on her side. Her coat is a beautiful soft curly consistency - Her mom had the same coat when she was born. She is out of Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm and CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil' Star. Twinkle has a lovely, easy to milk FF udder that is definitely worth taking note of. She appears to following in Joie's hoofprints and I am planning on Milk Testing her this spring. She should be an easy one to get a star on. Twinkle was a sleeper in the show ring this last year. She went from last place as a wee one to up in the top 2 later on. She is a nice, dairy animal. If you are interested in any of our babies for sale please contact me at

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