Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MORE Babies on the way (we hope)

Our CBF Chickorita went into heat today so we borrowed our friend's buck Piddlin'Acres BZ Calm the Storm and put them together tonight. He is small (and a tad overconditioned) but can sure do the job. Since Chicki is the full sister to our buck we decided this little blue eyed darlin' would be a good match for Miss Chicki. WE should have a couple of sets of babies around May 10-11, 2008. Owner and Buck's owner have first reservations on any doelings from this pair. IF there are bucks, they will be wethered and sold. IF a doe comes available I will let people know but we will not be taking reservations on anything from this pair at this time. There is a POSSIBILITY we will sell Chicki as a brood doe/milker after kidding. IF you are interested please let me know and I'll put you on the list. She does have crooked front legs - her mom's were like this and they straitened out and she did very well as a FF yearling in the showring. Chicki will hopefully follow in mom's footsteps but right now we don't know so....We will keep everyone updated after kidding. The udder/milking genetics here are fabulous.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another bred doe

Well, because I am braindead I don't have a picture but we took Miss Priss the Oberhasli this morning to get her bred. I am pretty sure she's done because she's not out torturing my Nigerian buck like she was all morning. That poor buck is so frustrated because she stands by his pen and wags her tail in his face and he can't get to her. She is bred to the son of a National Champion named Southern Comfort. We will be looking forward to babies on or about May 10, 2008. Kind of could be a nice Mother's day surprise!!!! Hoping again for girls.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Negative Tests

Our Brucellosis tests are all back and negative now. Our plan was to learn to draw blood and do our own CAEs (still the plan actually) but a storm thwarted our efforts so we will do it later. I did take Miss Priss to get her test done and know it will be Negative but she will be going to visit her handsome man here in a few weeks. She went into heat on Thanksgiving day so I can't wait for her next cycle to take her to Southern Comfort - the son of a National Champion. It's almost tempting to keep one of these but I don't need another mega milker - one is enough!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Looking Forward

I wish I could post a picture here but we put down a deposit on a new buckling who will be born this spring. This is a dream come true for me. I fell in love with the sire when I saw him as a junior buck and blew my chance at owning one of his sons. NOW, I'm just going for it. We want to name him Captain Kidd (after one of the first known pirates). I am not giving away any more information about this buck as it will be a surprise. (HOPE I can keep my mouth shut until after March when he's due). We are praying hard for one out of our first choice doe but either second or third would be fine too!! We are looking forward to this buck doing big things for our herd. I did almost have a weakened moment where I threw caution to the wind and bought my third choice doe bred to the sire. YEAH, if somone drops $400 in my lap tomorrow, I'm leaving to pick her up!!! In the meantime, the buck is what we are going for here. I don't really need another doe! And we are hoping for several keepers this coming year!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


CBF Entei is officially for SALE. As much as we adore this boy we need to pass him on to another herd. He had done an excellent job of getting our two seniors settled (likely with multiples as both girls are already getting quite big). Willow was sono'd with twin for sure and more likely as her fluid level was high. He's hopefully settled my friend's two senior does and I still own his sister so he won't be used around here much. We are also reserving a new buckling for spring from Rancho Esperanza. I am so excited about bring a son of my favorite buck ever DesertNanny HB Jack Sparrow in here. He has some of the genetics I've been wanting (AND Then some!!!!) and all of the look I've been wanting. If he repeats himself on the breeding that's first choice we will again be doing mini Oberhaslis. WE are very excited about the babies due in February. All of Willow's will be available but we will likely retain a doeling out of Joie de Vivre. Hoping for some beautiful, wide escutcheon, nice width/depth, dairy babies from these pairs and the udder genetics should be something! IF you are interested in Entei, please email me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

ONE confirmed Pregnancy

I had a weak moment at the vet's today and went ahead and ultrasounded Willow just because she's my doe who had the false pregnancy. YES, she is pregnant and she has two for sure but he thinks more because there is an awful lot of fluid for 35 days. WAHOO!
I am 99.999999% positive that Joie is not because she has gotton gently wider in the past 5 weeks. All TB tests are neg. Waiting on Bruc. and CAEs so will post results when I get them.
All i can say is I have a pretty awesome buck who has settled 2 for sure, 2 more possibly and all before the age of 6 months. What a guy! I can't wait to see what he throws - and how many?????

Monday, October 22, 2007

2 Pregnant Goaties

It's looking pretty positive that we will have two goaties delivering babies about the same time.
I wasn't home when Joie was due to go in heat but my milker said she never saw any signs of heat on the two days she should have. Both girl's are looking slightly wider too. I guess we will be awaiting not one but two sets of kids around Feb 14-17. Next on the hit parade are Miss Priss
and Chikorita if I can ever figure out who the betrothed will be for Chiki. I know for Miss Priss.
We will be done with breeding then until April - then, if she is big enough, Little Shihara will have a date!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pregnant Goaty!

It looks Like El Cerro Wind in the Willows is pregnant. She did not go into heat. I will watch her closely all day today to make sure but there is no signs of heat with her. We will be watching Joie tomorrow and Thursday to see what happens with her. I hope this means we will have two sets of babies come Mid - February. If we can swing it we may ultrasound when the girls go in for their testing. We will be testing for TB/Bruc. thru the vet and will be doing a herd CAE here
from home as soon as I get all the info and our intructor comes to show us how to do blood draws. Hoping for another NEG year for entire herd. We should have our certified herd status this winter. Also wanted to Thank everyone who bought goat's from us this year. We are so pleased with the good homes we got for our babies. Thank you all for blessing us with homes for the babies, and new friends we've made. Hope to see all of you next year on the show circuit and through 4H with expanding herds and a bunch of winners!

Monday, October 8, 2007

La Dolce Vita

FINALLY got a decent picture of Vita up. She is half sister to our Miss Priss. The other ob is Vita's sister Joyfull Surprise. She normally doesn't look this bad but i was having a hard time getting her picture. So I fed her and she wouldn't keep her head out of the food bucket. She really isn't hunched like this picture. Anyway. She is 1 1/2 years old out of Anglen Farms Rita and Vassajara's Vito whose mother has been in the top 10 in the Nation for ADGA's DHIR testing. If her 1/2 sister puts out over a gallon per day (she has a different sire) I wonder what this girl will put out!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sunrise over the back 40 (haha)

This picture was taken off of our back porch this morning EARLY.
It is about the most beautiful sunset we've seen and I can honestly say G*D is an incredible artist. It was stunning. Sorry, if you were expecting a new goat picture but how could you not appreciate HIS handiwork.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Update of Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre

This is Joie (after being milked). She went into heat just after Willow was pulled out of the buck pen so she went in. If the breeding was positive then we will have two sets of babies due mid February. We plan on keeping a doeling out of Joie and all bucks will be castrated for wethers. Limited Reservations would be taken. WE MAY Ultrasound both girls. Joie was a FF this year and an absolute delight to milk. I look forward to hopefully having a daughter of hers that milks the way she does. Entei's lines will hopefully improve foreudder attachment and flatten out her somewhat steep rump. This doe is sweet and has a lovely face and body otherwise. I cannot wait to see these babies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

El Cerro Wind in the Willows

Here's Willow, who is currently in the 'Love pen' with Entei, and is hopefully bred/ almost bred. She's looking nice, she's lost some weight. Still as cantankerous as ever, though. Willow will be expecting in February, and we are accepting reservations for this particular breeding. She has a nice udder, and she's taken Reserve Grand, as well as best Udder in Show, and with this breeding, the udders on any does she might throw will probably be even nicer.

CBF Entei

Here is the Updated picture of 5 Month old CBF Entei, Chikorita's twin brother. He is looking nice. We hope we got a positive breeding with him and Willow. If you are interested in the babies from this pair we will be opening up reservations soon but they will be VERY limited. We may be retaining a doe out of this pair and all bucks will be castrated. He will be up for sale as soon as he is done with his job. If you would like to add Entei to your herd, please contact us and we will let you know when he is available. I can also email pictures of his sire and dam. You can see his paternal granddam on Lost Valley's website (MCH Lost Valley RTW Madison) and his maternal granddam (Prairie Wood Calico)and maternal grandsire (MCH Twin Creeks Summer Solstice) on PrairieWood's website. See links.

Chickorita at 5 Months Old

I thought I'd take some time to Update the pictures of all the girls and get them up as breeding season is getting underway here at
Cornerstone of Bosque Farms. Here is a picture of 5 month old CBF Chikorita (Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion) She is so long and dairy but went through a ugly phase now she's pulling out of it. Just needs a little more leg growth. Not that you can tell in this picture, she is wide, deep, and angular with a long neck. I am really looking forward to seeing how she matures and what kind of udder she has - she sure has the genetics to have a beautiful well attached one. Her brother, CBF Entei is in the breeding pen with El Cerro Wind in the Willows as I write so I will have to wait to get his updated pictures - Willow too! We are really hoping she's bred though, she seems to like him a lot which is a first for Willow: she usually hates being bred (loves being a mom and a milker though).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Show Wins and Kid Brag

Yeah, I know, I can't help but brag on my kids. My daughter had two of her 4H projects go to State Fair after first place wins at County Fair. Her Horticulture project took 3rd place and her Small Animals Project took 1st again. Way to go Alyssa. We sold two does to some 4H friends this last year and are incredibly happy to announce that CBF Serendipidy's Laikla won 4th in the 4H Youth Show and 3rd in the NM State Fair Open Jr. Show. Grey's N Goats Zelda won 1st in the 4H Youth Show and 2nd in the NM State Fair Open Jr. Show. We are proud of Nora and Natalia for showing the girls and doing so well their first year out!!!! Also want to say that our friends at various farms here in NM did extremely well - PrairieWood, Nizhoni's, CKR, Debbie Wood, Sleepy Kid Ranch, the Nagy family and the Allen Family all did awesome, Congrats!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

County Fair Brag

Every proud parent should be able to brag about her kids. My 2 older kids showed at County Fairy this year. While the baby goats didn't do as well as we'd like, our daughter did very well.
She won the Reserve Champion Showmanship buckle. My son did well also but did not recieve a buckle. Maybe next year???? Our daughter also took two first places in her Small Animal Project (she is writing a manual on caring for Ferrets) and her Horticulture Project. She took second in her Fibercraft project as well.
Both of the first place projects move on to State Fair - we should know by this weekend how she did at the State Level. We are very proud of the kids and their accomplishments in 4H for the year. Both of them are maturing into accomplished youngsters.


yes, Fall is upon us here at the mini homestead. We are making cheese almost daily, canning/freezing/drying are in full swing - here in NM the smell of roasting green chilis is in the air. I am guessing it is about time to be thinking about who to breed to whom......
Our tentative plans are Willow will visit Prairie Wood Huckleberry a blue eyed black and white Studmuffin (PrairieWood Player X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion *S). Joie is going with our own little man CBF Entei (Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion*S) before he leaves to do some breeding at another farm and then is up for sale. CBF Chikorita, Entei's sister is possibly going to Prairie Wood Dreamer (Prairie Wood Calico X MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues) or Lost Valley Tae Bo's Reflection (Lost Valley Only Time Wil Tell X MCH Lost Valley Tae Bo) OR Prairie Wood PuttinontheRitz (MCH MK Abital OB X Kaapio Acres BT RAcketeer). And Miss Priss will go to a Local Oberhasli buck. We won't be breeding Shihara until much later (April OR in the fall of 2oo8) depending on her size and readiness so we aren't making plans on that yet. If you are interested in any of the breedings posted, we will begin taking reservations in NOVEMBER. A $50 non refundable deposit will hold your doe until birth - please specify first and second choices. Right now we are NOT planning on keeping any boys as bucks to sell so reserve does ONLY. IF you are interested in CBF Entei feel free to contact me, he will be available this winter. We will be keeping a few does this year so availability will be limited.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Pictures of Shihara - ShowOFF!

Here is an update photo (or two) of beautiful little Nizhoni's BB Shihara's Mace. I'm just blown away by this sweet beautiful little doe.
My daughter just loves this little girl.
Almost can't wait to see how she does at the shows in the spring.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Girls are Back in Town

Last year, with a heavy heart, I sold two of my Oberhasli doelings, well, they are back. The owner was unable to keep the girls and they came home. It's fun seeing them back in the pen though I had not planned to have any more big goats. I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyway the one in the back is Joyfull Surprise and the one in the foreground (I apologize and will post a better picture later) is La Dolce Vita. They are out of Anglen Farms Rita and Vassajara's Vito. Looks like we might have more Oberhasli's next spring. So, if anyone is interested, let me know. I have promised a doeling or two to the last owner but anything else is up for grabs.

Nellie the Lamb

Ha Ha, Here is a cute (but off perspective) photo of our Nellie. My precious hubby decided we needed a homegrown source of meat. Boy, does G*d hear his prayers! A neighbor came bearing a newborn Barbados lamb whose mother rejected her. She knew we had goats milk so we recieved Nellie. She will be used to breed for a future supply of homegrown lamb meat for our family. I think sometimes we've gone off the deep end but she's a sweetie pie (a bit loud but sweet). She follows my hubby around like a "Mary's little lamb" wagging her tail the whole time. It cracks me up!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Bosque Farms Fair

Every year we look forward to our local Bosque Farms fair. It is a blast. Doesn't mean much but just some good clean country fun! We took several items, showed goats and chickens and overall did REALLY well. Tiny Shihara won 1st in both 4H and Open division as well as taking RESERVE champion over a class of does way bigger and older than her. Judge was very impressed with that little doe. Alyssa also did Champion Showmanship with her. Nik did 3rd and 2nd with "Chicki". Suzy took 2nd with Skye in Open (not old enough for 4H). Joie took 1st in Milking does OPEN and Best of Breed. Entei the buck took 3rd but the judge said that was a real hard class to place as all three bucks were very nice - she had positive comments for Entei's dairyness, wide Escutcheon, strong legs and wideness throughout. Nik entered his Banty Cochin pair and won 1st for 4H and one of his Buff Orpingtons, she also took first. Indoors Alyssa did 1st for earrings she beaded, 2nd for a drawing, 1st for a knitted scarf. Nik did 2nd for his Stilts he made and mommy did 1st for the woven shawl i made, 1st for my crocheted hat, and 2nd for the beaded bracelet. All in all it was a great experience and a good time was had by one and all!!
This is our fun outlet before the "seriousness" of County Fairy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nizhoni's BB SHIHARA

Welcome our newest doe - Shihara! She is now a week old and just as cute as can be. We have HIGH hopes for this little one. She has a great pedigree and hope she will take the place in my daughter's heart of the double teated doeling that Patience threw.
Alyssa has had a hard 3 years in the goat project from Willow having a false pregnancy, to a doeling that died at birth, to Patience's double treated doeling.....We so hope this one will be the CHARM for her. She is out of Nizhoni's Arwen Evenstar and MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou (will kind of replace the little buckling that had double dwarfism we hope!) WE are really looking forward to what next year will bring to our herd with the 3 new doelings and the 3 Seniors and the new Herdsire. Though, we do have a few outbreedings we will do so we can keep the lines going we are working on. Will keep posting on breedings as they happen and if there is a breeding that interests you, please feel free to email us Thank you for checking on our progress!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Farm News

Things have been busy around here. We are finished kidding and have been busy giving shots, burning horns, and selling a few babies around here. After kidding, it's beginning to look a little sparse in the goat pen (until the spring again! LOL) We have two more for sale: the black and white wether (Willow's son) and the Black Mini Oberhasli Missy. We were going to keep her but we really don't need two mega milkers like her mother Miss Priss. We are drowning in milk and the Nigies aren't even milking full time yet. We just finished a show and it wasn't as good for our farm as the last show - oh well, you can't win them all! Chicki and Entei both took 2nd and were the youngest in their classes AGAIN. Joie did 6th - not where we expected her at all but she is still one of my favorites - she really has a nice easy to milk udder and though it isn't as big as Willow's she has a lot in there. Talk about sweet - great in coffee!!!! My daughter just got her new doeling from Nizhoni's and she is a doll - I hope to be able to post a picture of her on Monday. She is 4 days old and cute as a button. Lots of great genetics behind that little kid!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Udder Shots

A Friend of mine suggested I post the udder shots of my does so folks can get an idea of what nice udders my girls have. Willow's udder shot is in January's post so you can go see her's there. Her is Joie's. I know these aren't the best as the baby had been eating BUT. She has lovely foreudder attachment - very smooth and her teats are nicely placed. When she is milking, I will get a better rear udder pic but these will have to do for now. I believe this little gal is going to do good things for our Farm!
She hates to show but seems to like to be milked. She is a first Freshener and she didn't kick at all when i relieved the side the baby wasn't nursing from. Joie just may be a JOY to milk! yippee.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Joie Kidded a beautiful Doeling

This darling little girl was born this morning to Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre (Nizhoni's PV Desert Prince X MCH Twin Creeks KM Fairytail Princess) and PrairieWood Dreamweaver (MCH prairieWood Pinnacle Blues X PrairieWood Calico) Momma has a lovely FF udder and we are liking this little girl. PrairieWood Dreamweaver has thrown nothing but girl's this year! We will be keeping CBF Diamond in the Skye" Not a bad way to finish out our kidding year.Overall, it was a decent year. Blessings, D.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My CBF Entei

See the little grey goat in the middle just to the right of the judge in red? He will be our new HERDSIRE. And, he will be the first one carrying our farm name. After the favorable comments by the two judges, I'm excited! Despite being the youngest, and littlest goat in the whole show, he recieved very positive comments from this Judge. He said he "expects this tiny little buck kid, when he matures, to go strait to the front of the line". He placed him 5th because most of the other bucks in his class were nearly twice his size (the class was Jr. Bucks 6 m0 and under). He commented on his long level topline and wide escutcheon. WE were pretty sure we wouldn't win the class with a 4 week old buck but it was fun showing our first two Nigie babies of the year. Entei's sister Chickorita also recieved some similar comments so we are please that this breeding produced such nice kids for us.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Matthias the Goat show mascot

Matthias went to his first goat show and everyone LOVES this little guy. So many people came over to see him and comment on what a well behaved puppy he is. We had some folks who are also dog fanciers say he has really nice legs and that we couldn't have picked a nicer breed of dog. We were very encouraged that we were blessed with the perfect dog for our breeding program (tee hee) Thanks again Cindy!!! WE will be looking forward to his first set of puppies next year when he and his girlfriend GRACIE are ready. Gracie belongs to my friend Sandy who got me started with this breed of dogs. I'M HOOKED!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Willow FINALLY kidded!

Today, 6/3/07, El Cerro Wind in the Willows finally kidded with two big buck kids. Both are VERY nice looking boys. The Black and White one might be retained but the Chamoisee will be up for sale in a 6 weeks. Both boys are nice and angular! I like the wide wide escutcheon on the black and white one. I couldn't expect anything less than these nice boys from a Jr. Champion buc)

Great Show WEEKEND!!!

The 2007 SWDGA/ADGA Quad show was one of our best ever shows. Esperanza SJ Patience is now a finished Champion in one Registery but needs one more win to finish in the other. She may finish in the July club show 7/14.
Her 2007 daughter is sold. Shalom who we sold earlier won 4 firsts with many favorable comments from the judges. Her daugher and son: CBF Chikorita and CBF Entei are both being retained after some very favorable comments from most all of the judges. Despite the fact they were the tiniest goats at the whole show. Chicki and Entei's sire, Lost Valley KW Orion is now finished as well. Joie's sire (Nizhoni's PV Desert Wind)took a very favorable Reserve Grand behind Orion. We accepted an offer from Prairie Wood to sell back PuttinOnTheRitz to replace his father since he will have to be put down (I want to cry - I really like Racketeer) but this enabled us to keep Entei, whom we are ALL enamored with! We want to congratulate all of those who had a great weekend this weekend: Sandy at Twilight Star Nigerians, Kat at Flying Goat Ranch, Lora at PrairieWood Ranch, Darlene at Nizhoni Farm and Renee at Corrales Kid Ranch.. Awesome weekend gals!!! The wins were too numerous to list here BUT - visit their websites (some are links on my page)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Welcome Matthias

We decided we needed a little stock diversification on our mini farm (AS if 3 geese, 22 chickens, 8goats and counting, 2 dogs and 2 cats aren't enough?????) so, we bought Matthias the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stud. He will be ready for breeding to your darling Cav female about a year from now. WE are in love with the breed but especially this dog! Thank you so much Cindy of White Mountain Cavaliers for this wonderful addition to our farm family. Check out Matthias (Antonim) and his parents, brother and sister at . We will post more pictures of Matthias. Also check back soon as we are expecting two sets of Nigerian dwarf kids this coming week. Willow and Patience are due Wednesday! Can't you know whay i say ...and counting above!

Monday, April 30, 2007

More Beautiful Babies

Well, the long awaited PrairieWood Sweet Shalom X 2Time Gr. Champion Lost Valley KW Orion kids are finally here. Shalom had them this evening between 3:30 and 5:00pm. The doeling is on the Left and the Buckling is on the right (he is not blue eyed). The doeling will stay here as we sold the mother. The Buckling will be available at weaning time and he will be wethered if not sold by then. These babies were only 1/2 hour old so we will get better pictures as they mature! Thanks for looking at our new arrivals.

More Buckshott Babies (but not ours)

For anyone who keeps checking here for baby updates, Buckshott has another set of triplets on the ground: 2 bucks and 1 doe (I'm beginning to see a trend here). Born to Flying Goat Ranch's Bootsie. Beautiful set of babies to a very lovely doe. And what a mom she is. She birthed out those 3 in less than and hour and she is a first time mom. Amazing! If any of you want to see the triplets, I won't be stealing Kat's thunder with pictures of them so you'll have to click on her link to see them. I may post them later but for now....
Shalom and Willow are in the birthing pen gearing up for this weeks kidding. Can't wait for those after seeing Bootsie's babies!

Congrats Kat on your triplets!

Monday, April 23, 2007


Here is Captain, one of the boys out of Miss Priss and Buckshott. He's a good looking boy and is sold already, as is his brother Commodore N. We will be doing the deed (horn burning/castrating) later this week. That is the one part of goat ownership I HATE! But, has to be done. I couldn't get Commodore in the picture, he's too fast for me, at least Captain stopped for a moment of lovin' by one of the kids. Ritz is now home and Zelda came home from being bred so we are happy to have our herd complete again. Ritz looks like his "nephew" Captain so I hoping to get a picture of the "twins" HA!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007


It has been an amazing weekend already. The babies are growing up so fast I'm just amazed. My daughter named the boys (no, they aren't Mc Screamy and Cry baby anymore - actually they are very tame and don't mind being held and loved on!)Captain(Jack Sparrow) and Commodore (James Norrington). We've already had 3 people look at them and one is already sold - the little brown one - Captain. I don't think it will be hard to sell Commodore either. He's as sweet as they come. Missy is doing well also, she's such a little go getter but a love too. She would rather climb in our lap that be with mom and brothers but boy is she an active little girl. I have a feeling she is going to keep us in stitches with her antics for a long time to come. Just can't wait for the next batch of babies!! 17 days (give or take) and counting until the next due date. Willow still hasn't kidded so we are thinking she's due around the 2nd of May as well as Shalom!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


We woke up this Morning to find CBF Miss Priss cleaning up the last of her 3 kids. She kidded out 2 bucklings and 1 doeling - DARLING. We will be keeping the doeling and the two bucks will be wethered and sold as pets. Doeling's name will be CBF Miss Congeniality. She is pure black like her mommy and is TINY. She has a nice quiet disposition compared to her brothers who are currently named McScreamy and Cry baby. No, these won't be their permanent names but they are definitely cry -boys. Here's a few photos, will get more since I couldn't get a good pic of the boys this morning. The one pictured alone is Miss Congeniality. The boys are under mommy. Way to go Miss Priss and RA Buckshott.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Resurrection Day

Here are the chicks that God blessed us with last Sunday. We have since added 9 more. These 6 are Araucana X but 4 look full aracauna and one looks like??? The oddball's name is Sunny due to HER (I hope) sunny yellow feathers. I'm sure that will change as SHE grows up! The tiny one in the bottom Right corner did not make it thru the first night. Everyone else is thriving including the 9 newcomers: 2 Americaunas, 6 Buff Orpingtons and 1 Frizzle Bantam. I'm sure I will get pics of them as soon as I can. they look aweful right now as they are about 1/2 feathered out. Maybe when they are fully feathered I will get them up on the internet.


Cornerstone of Bosque Farms just received GREAT NEWS. Lora from Prairie Wood called last night to inform us that our new and old herdsire's dam has in fact received her MCH. In goat lingo, that means she is a permanent champion along with being a 3 time best udder in show winner now. We are so pleased to be able to bring these wonderful genetics into our herd. Congrats to Lora and MCH MK Abital OB. WE are really looking forward to Buckshott's babies now, since there will be several sets of them running around here and at a few other local farms in the very near future.

Monday, April 2, 2007


Cornerstone Farms had a fantastic weekend. The SWNDGC March Mini Madness show went great for all involved. Prairie Wood took home the Sr. Champion doe/Best Udder in show with MK Abital OB (both RA Buckshott and PuttinOntheRitz's dam!) and the Grand Champion buck which finishes PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues (who is the grandsire to babies Joie is carrying). Sandy at Twylite Star Nigerians took home the Jr. Champion doe Piddlin'acres BZ Delux Edition, and we took home the Jr. Champion buck (who is already sold) with RA Buckshott. Our other friend Darlene took home several Reserve Champions and we are so happy for everyone. Yesterday (Sunday) we came home from church to find that our runaway Araucana hen had just been next door for the last month setting on eggs and had hatched out 6 little chicks. We caughter her and the chicks and put them in a safe spot and they all seem to be doing well. I will be posting pics as soon as I have found the camara (we are still unpacking show stuff) and download the pics. I will also post pics of the chicks when I get that done as well!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prairie Wood PuttinOntheRitz

Finally, here is our new herdsire at one day old (actually - not even one day old). He has the same nice genetics as RA Buckshott does but with blue eyes. We are hoping his mother takes her Master Champion this weekend at the show! She definitely has a good shot at it. We will be showing Buckshott and Ritz but usually Jr's don't take the buck championship at shows so it's mostly for fun and practice. We will be bringing this little beauty home in a few weeks after he's weaned. Looking forward to lots of gorgeous Blue Eyed Chamoisee babies out of this little guy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Changes at Cornerstone

Changes are happening here at Cornerstone, I had hoped to post the picture of our new herdsire but to no avail! After the show this weekend though, i hope I can post more!!! We have sold two of our goats; PrairieWood Sweet Shalom will go to her new home after kidding, and PrairieWood RA Buckshott. Buckshott is being replaced by PrairieWood PuttinOnTheRitz. A blue eyed Chamoisee buckling with the same great genetics as Buckshott. We are counting down the days to babies, We have (we think) two due around April 13th whose pics we will post upon arrival. One due around May first, one due around May 24th, and one due in late June. One (Zelda) is at the moment off getting bred by MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou...can't wait to see those babies! Should be a great baby year here at Cornerstone. We have a show this coming weekend, the annual March Mini Madness show put on by SWNDGC (one of these days I'll get the link up for you Nigie fanatics who want to come to beautiful NM to show!) and sanctioned by ADGA. Should be a great show year this year too. Lots of goats to show! See you all after the show!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Caution to the Wind

A friend and I threw caution to the wind this year and bought this little Blue eyed boy from Lost Valley Nigerians. He is out of Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou and Lost Valley It's a Phenomenon. We walked into the ring after just meeting this little guy and he won Jr. Champion twice at State Fair in 2006. Both her herd and mind have a lot resting on our little Lost Valley Goin' 4 Baroque. He's is so wide in back and strait all over, not too mention as dairy as they get. WE hope this little guy does big things for Cornerstone, Twylit Star and others who want to use him.

DA Boyz!

This little stinker is our current herdsire, PrairieWood RA Buckshott. He was being very uncooperative and wouldn't stand nice for the camera. He is 8 mo and has done a good job getting most of the girls here and a few extras pregnant for spring babies. He is up for sale now as we have another up and coming herdsire that will hopefully take over the reigns as King at Cornerstone of Bosque Farms. This little guy should add some nice dairy quality as well as nice udders and milk production to the girls. Can't wait to see this little kids he throws.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Greys N Goats Zelda

This is my son's newest goat Zelda. We just bought her for him to show in 4H this year. She is 8 month old and just a doll. She has the cutest face I've seen so far and we love her personality. She won't be bred until later this spring for fall babies and she will be bred to a little blue eyed guy named Prairie Wood Huckleberry. I think she is going to make a fine addition to our little farm.
You can see picture's of Huck at Flying Goat Ranch also on BlogSpot!!! Check them out too for lots of darling Nigerians and 1 Nubian.

Little Miss Priss

This is Miss Priss, our lean mean milking machine. She is our last remaining Oberhasli. She was also the first baby goat born on our property. We bred her last year and got two bucks and tons of milk (1 gallon a day as a first freshener) and she is bred this year to the Nigerian buck "Buckshott" for mini Oberhaslis. We expect her milk to increase - but that's okay, we have lots of uses for all that milk - ice cream, cheese and lots of SOAP which we will hopefully sell tons of this year. If you are interested in SOAP, please contact me at or (serious buyers only).

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our Joie of Life!

This is our little Joie de Vivre. After searching high and low for this little doe, we found her here in NM. We wanted certain bloodlines and a local breeder just happened to have them! Thank you Darlene of Nizhoni for this little doll. She comes out of MCH Fairytail Princess and a Peaceful Voyage son named Nizhoni Desert Wind. LOVE this doe's chocolate coloring and bloodlines!!!
We bred Joie to a blue-eyed buck named PrairieWood Dreamweaver (out of 2X Grand Champion Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues and Gr. Ch Prairie Wood Calico) who resides at Twylit Star Farm in Los Lunas, NM. I am DREAMING of a Blue eyed Chocolate buck (but I'd take a doe too if that is what she gave us!)

Esperanza SJ Patience

This is our lovely Patience who came to us out of the generous heart of Katie from Double SunDog Ranch ( in Arizona. She wanted to encourage one of our 4Hers (we have two in our family) with a wonderful show goat. We love Patience's color and bloodlines (She is out of Esperanza MB Smarty Jones and Esperanza WS C-Note) and are excited to show her as a milking doe this year. We believe she is pregnant by our current herdsire Buckshott (see Willow for more information) . She has a Junior Champion in all three registries (ADGA, NDGA, AGS)and hope to finish her as a MCH this year or next. Don't you LOVE her face? D.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom

This is our second Nigerian Dwarf, Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom, whom we bought for our son. She has the sweetest personality and is so cute with her brown legs and "football player grease" under her eyes. We bred Shalom to Lost Valley Orion this year and can't wait for those babies. We've seen several Orion babies and just love their sweet personalities and cute faces. If you want to see a picture of the handsome beau of Shalom's check him under "herdsires" on Shalom's mom and dad are there too: PrairieWood Calico(see "show wins") and MCH Twin Creeks Summer Solstice

Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to Cornerstone Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This is our First Nigerian Dwarf, El Cerro Wind in the Willows. She is a two year old doe in this picture at the NM Quad Show (June, 2006) after winning RSGrand Champion and Best Udder in show after her first freshening. She freshened with two does but we lost one upon arrival and could not save her. We sold her so we could buy a doe who could take Willow's place in the show ring since Willow was not properly dehorned. We still love our Willow and all of her sweet milk. She will freshen this spring after being bred to PrairieWood RA Buckshott.