Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CBF Entei

Here is the Updated picture of 5 Month old CBF Entei, Chikorita's twin brother. He is looking nice. We hope we got a positive breeding with him and Willow. If you are interested in the babies from this pair we will be opening up reservations soon but they will be VERY limited. We may be retaining a doe out of this pair and all bucks will be castrated. He will be up for sale as soon as he is done with his job. If you would like to add Entei to your herd, please contact us and we will let you know when he is available. I can also email pictures of his sire and dam. You can see his paternal granddam on Lost Valley's website (MCH Lost Valley RTW Madison) and his maternal granddam (Prairie Wood Calico)and maternal grandsire (MCH Twin Creeks Summer Solstice) on PrairieWood's website. See links.

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