Tuesday, September 11, 2007


yes, Fall is upon us here at the mini homestead. We are making cheese almost daily, canning/freezing/drying are in full swing - here in NM the smell of roasting green chilis is in the air. I am guessing it is about time to be thinking about who to breed to whom......
Our tentative plans are Willow will visit Prairie Wood Huckleberry a blue eyed black and white Studmuffin (PrairieWood Player X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion *S). Joie is going with our own little man CBF Entei (Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion*S) before he leaves to do some breeding at another farm and then is up for sale. CBF Chikorita, Entei's sister is possibly going to Prairie Wood Dreamer (Prairie Wood Calico X MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues) or Lost Valley Tae Bo's Reflection (Lost Valley Only Time Wil Tell X MCH Lost Valley Tae Bo) OR Prairie Wood PuttinontheRitz (MCH MK Abital OB X Kaapio Acres BT RAcketeer). And Miss Priss will go to a Local Oberhasli buck. We won't be breeding Shihara until much later (April OR in the fall of 2oo8) depending on her size and readiness so we aren't making plans on that yet. If you are interested in any of the breedings posted, we will begin taking reservations in NOVEMBER. A $50 non refundable deposit will hold your doe until birth - please specify first and second choices. Right now we are NOT planning on keeping any boys as bucks to sell so reserve does ONLY. IF you are interested in CBF Entei feel free to contact me, he will be available this winter. We will be keeping a few does this year so availability will be limited.

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