Monday, April 21, 2008

Milk Testing

CBF Nigerians just took our first two does to a one day milk test. At the moment I am not sure either doe will get their stars. Joie, who is my super milker - dropped her production for the morning milk out.
She usually gives me about 2#s per milking and she went down to 1.4# and did 2.0#s in the evening. I still don't understand what all goes into giving your goat her star but I am glad we tried. It was a great experience. PrairieWood Player who is our Flying Goat Jazzy Blues' granddam also went on test and I know she milked out 2.2#s in the morning. I am very excited as Jazzy and Kidd's moms are both doing well so far. I have my eye on another doe who I'd like to buy a buck from in the future. She was the breed leader for butterfat, starred last year, and is one win away from her MCH. SOMEDAY!!!! My doe Joie's brother is now at Prairie Wood so she will be using him in the future for anyone who is looking for those milky lines besides mine here at CBF.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

MORE Cap'n Kidd

I finally got pics of Cap'n Kidd that are with him standing. He's so friendly we couldn't get pics without him climbing into the picture takers' lap. Ha - the bottle does the trick. So here is the left, right and rear views of my handsome little boy. He's so sweet - everyone in the family is absolutely SMITTEN by this little boy - I wish they didn't grow into big stinky BOYS. (what did I buy him for again? to sit in my lap or to make more beautiful, milky babies?????) Anyway......

Monday, April 7, 2008

Desertnanny JK Blue Cap'n Kidd

Welcome home the long awaited Desert Nanny JK Blue Cap'n Kidd.
my friend Kat (spinkitty & Flying Goat Ranch) and I went on a little road trip yesterday with my 13 yo daughter to deliver a Jazzy Blue's brother to Glenda in AZ (of Blunderosa) and pick up my other new herdsire from Sharon Warren.
I am in love. This little guy has his daddy's beautiful face as is very well built - I hope a fine addition of excellent milky/showy lines for our herd. He is so friendly and I love his little horseshow spot on his side.