Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, Spring has come and is bursting with bouncing babies.  After last year's lackluster kidding season 
we've gotten off to a robust but boy filled kidding season this year.  Starting the last week in Feb, Miss Marina kidding with twin bucks.  Captain Jack and Will Turner.  Lovely boys out of 

Then,  few days later Dickory decided she'd had enough and kidded Quads. First time ever here at CBF and we are very grateful to our good LORD for a safe kidding!!! 
3 Boys and 1 girl.  All - beautiful.  
Sadly we lost the girl a few days later when one of the older does head butted her and injured her internally.
She died in my arms and it was a very sad day.  The boys, on the other hand 
are all robust, healthy and thankfully = SOLD. 

NOT to be outdone by the other two girls, Little Lily decided to kid with triplets 3 days early. I'm not really 
sure where she hid that third kid but her and Earl gave us some of the prettiest little kids! 
2 bucks - 1 stunning Chamoisee doeling (this is not a pic of Camellia - that will come later) 
This little cutie pie is Pipsqueek, the smallest of the 3 and the one who has won everyone's heart around here. He has already gone to a new home where is a spoiled rotten therapy goat at an adult rehab center. 
I could not help but include this pic of Dickory chillin' with her two remaining boys: Zach and Zane who 
will be leaving for their new home in Clovis NM to be spoiled pets! 

MORE SOON!!!! and thanks for visiting us here at CBF Nigerians