Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Again, a lot has happened since the last time I posted.  The last post I did was just prior to our Favorite doe, Chattygiving birth.  She was supposed to have nearly 1 month left before kidding. SURPRISE! 
She kidded on April 8,2013 with triplets ......19 days early.  
Now, I've always heard they wouldn't be viable born that early but I am very happy to say that 
out of the triplets, 2 are alive and doing great!  
The two kids were so small and weak they could barely even stand for about the first 5 days. We 
brought them in and bottle fed them.  
They are now nearly 2 months old!  
I cannot believe it - they are still my miracle babies.  I will be a little sad this week as
CBF ST Lady Godiva AKA Diva (seen above) will be heading to Arizona to her new home 
with Earl, Biscuit (from Deb Wood) and some other 2 month old kids from Sunset Plains.
CBF ST Buckeye has gone to Valley Flowers as a future herdsire!  
I am also happy to say that while Chatty is not milking what she did last year as a FF because 
of the rough start, she's still milking very well (better than our 2 FF does) 
Very pleased. Her and Dickory are our top 2 producers right now. 

Thank you LORD for these little blessings!