Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MORE Babies on the way (we hope)

Our CBF Chickorita went into heat today so we borrowed our friend's buck Piddlin'Acres BZ Calm the Storm and put them together tonight. He is small (and a tad overconditioned) but can sure do the job. Since Chicki is the full sister to our buck we decided this little blue eyed darlin' would be a good match for Miss Chicki. WE should have a couple of sets of babies around May 10-11, 2008. Owner and Buck's owner have first reservations on any doelings from this pair. IF there are bucks, they will be wethered and sold. IF a doe comes available I will let people know but we will not be taking reservations on anything from this pair at this time. There is a POSSIBILITY we will sell Chicki as a brood doe/milker after kidding. IF you are interested please let me know and I'll put you on the list. She does have crooked front legs - her mom's were like this and they straitened out and she did very well as a FF yearling in the showring. Chicki will hopefully follow in mom's footsteps but right now we don't know so....We will keep everyone updated after kidding. The udder/milking genetics here are fabulous.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another bred doe

Well, because I am braindead I don't have a picture but we took Miss Priss the Oberhasli this morning to get her bred. I am pretty sure she's done because she's not out torturing my Nigerian buck like she was all morning. That poor buck is so frustrated because she stands by his pen and wags her tail in his face and he can't get to her. She is bred to the son of a National Champion named Southern Comfort. We will be looking forward to babies on or about May 10, 2008. Kind of could be a nice Mother's day surprise!!!! Hoping again for girls.