Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's been a really long time since I've posted here.  NOT that our farm hasn't been doing anything, it has but I just have been so busy I've not had time to post.  PLUS, I cannot figure out how to use all the new technology (smart phone) that I use for pics to post on here (on the positive side, I did figure out how to use it on facebook so you are ALWAYS welcome to check out what our farm is doing on our Facebook page
CBF Nigerian Dwarf Goats.)
So here is our update in a nutshell.
*This year we were down to 4 does (all Nigerian) and all were bred.  We had 11 babies, mostly does! Thank God!

* We are in our 3rd year of milk testing and almost all of our does have now earned their milk stars in both registries.  Except those who are 1 yo and younger of course!

*Susanna was given her own starter herd by a very good friend so we welcomed Alethia Farm Posey's Flower Girl, Alethia Farm Over the Moon (Moonie), and Seldom Herd Jammy Dodger.  Also I now own Proctor Hill Farm Kingspear.

* We kept 1 doeling this year out of a doe we got on a trade - her dam was an excellent milker but lacked udder attachments, we hope this kid has improvements in that area, and milks as well as her dam did.

* Last Straw Chattahoochee is now SGCH/MCH Last Straw Chattahoochee *M *D VEEV 88. So very proud of our girl!

*We traded a doe kid to a herd that we sold goats to a few years back for a doe kid out of some of our original stock and some new blood. She should come sometime in late fall.  No name yet of course but we'll let you know when she is born!

* We think we've sold all of our kids and are starting to think about the upcoming breeding season.
Here is our tentative breeding schedule:
Posey will be bred to Moonie in Nov for April kids
Lily will be bred back to Kingspear in Nov for April kids
Night will be bred to Kingspear for May kids
Jammy will possibly be bred to Moonie for May kids
Chatty will be bred Kingspear for Sept/Oct kids
Dickory will be bred to Moonie for Sept/Oct kids.
(Hershey X Chaco doeling) to ?? for Sept/Oct kids

God is so good and we are more excited than ever for the changes we are making and the new blood we've brought in - cannot wait to see what happens next year.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right now, all the babies are born that are going to be born are here and now sold.
So life has slowed a bit and turned to MILK.  
In case you haven't figured it out yet, CBF is all about the milking! 
We are Currently on 305 day milk test and things are going smashingly well. 
The Lord has blessed us with 4 great milkers (Ask and you Shall Receive!)
I have a 5th girl in milk, Aaron's Kinder but we are currently letting her dam 
raise her beasties.  They are getting huge.
She doesn't like being away from them at all and I couldn't handle all the crying plus, I 
don't really need the milk (as you can see above - that's 1 milking worth of milk for us) 
In case you are wondering where the girls are at:
Marina (FF) - 215#/9lb protein/12 lb BF at 84 days fresh
Chatty (2nd) 111#/5lb protein/8# BF at 37 days fresh
Dickory (3rd)   313#/14lbs Protein/ 18# BF at 80 days fresh
Lily(FF)  - 146#/5lb Protein/7# BF at 63 days fresh.

This coming week will be our verification test.
I am really looking forward to some stars here this year. 
I think we will have a few (Chatty already has hers from her first year so the pressure is off of her but we
are working toward getting her a JuJu award in ANDDA this year. She almost made it. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Again, a lot has happened since the last time I posted.  The last post I did was just prior to our Favorite doe, Chattygiving birth.  She was supposed to have nearly 1 month left before kidding. SURPRISE! 
She kidded on April 8,2013 with triplets ......19 days early.  
Now, I've always heard they wouldn't be viable born that early but I am very happy to say that 
out of the triplets, 2 are alive and doing great!  
The two kids were so small and weak they could barely even stand for about the first 5 days. We 
brought them in and bottle fed them.  
They are now nearly 2 months old!  
I cannot believe it - they are still my miracle babies.  I will be a little sad this week as
CBF ST Lady Godiva AKA Diva (seen above) will be heading to Arizona to her new home 
with Earl, Biscuit (from Deb Wood) and some other 2 month old kids from Sunset Plains.
CBF ST Buckeye has gone to Valley Flowers as a future herdsire!  
I am also happy to say that while Chatty is not milking what she did last year as a FF because 
of the rough start, she's still milking very well (better than our 2 FF does) 
Very pleased. Her and Dickory are our top 2 producers right now. 

Thank you LORD for these little blessings! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This year we decided to add to our little herd.  My husband has been wanting for a long time, some meat goats. I wasn't really all that enthused, especially not if it meant Boers, because I'm not fond of Boers.
I did not want Fainters (I know, I'm sounding hard to please aren't I???) 
and I wanted to make sure they came from tested herds.  
For the past 3 years I've been trimming hooves for Serena Kinders in Tome 
and decided, If I'm adding a meat goat - a Kinder it will be

So we bought a lovely doe named Cleopatra (Cleo for short) bred to Top Gun (aka Gunner) 
to begin our own little meat herd.  
Cleo and Gunner gave us 3 lovely kids - 2 bucks, and 1 doe.  
So we have (in picture order) Whopper, Junior, and last but not least, 
Bella who hubby is keeping.  

For those of you not familiar with Kinders, they are a cross between Nubians and Pygmy's (yes, really!!) 
for a nice, easy to keep, dual purpose goat.  They have rich creamy high butterfat milk.
It's pretty exciting to see what God will do with this new adventure.  I think we got in at an opportune 
time as apparently the interest in Kinders are growing and we have it on good authority we 
bought from one of the BEST herds in America!!!

I forgot about this cute little guy - This is Camellia and Gizmos brother, Buckingham. 
He's going to go up to Farmington area of NM.  He will be going with another 
local wether, Pan.  So exciting to know they are all going to such good homes!
What a blessing!!!!

More baby updates!  This little cutie pie went to a elderly daycare center with another tiny doe 
They are now treasured pets and he has a new name - Gizmo!!!!  SO CUTE!  
I"m glad this little guy got to have such a neat home where he will be loved on 
all day long!!!!

Zane and Zach, Dickory's two remaining boys will be leaving the 18th for their new 
home in Clovis NM.  Their new family is very excited to get them and I'm thrilled 
that the boys are going to such a great home as well!!!  

This is my new little buck - Lazy R Ranch Kosuke!  I love this little boy more and more every day. 
He's so long and wide.  I cannot wait to shave him and see what's under there but I love him fuzzy so not sure that will happen any time soon.  We are waiting for him to start acting bucky - but for now he's keeping all the other babies company!  At least when everyone leaves, he will still have the Kinder kids to keep him company. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, Spring has come and is bursting with bouncing babies.  After last year's lackluster kidding season 
we've gotten off to a robust but boy filled kidding season this year.  Starting the last week in Feb, Miss Marina kidding with twin bucks.  Captain Jack and Will Turner.  Lovely boys out of 

Then,  few days later Dickory decided she'd had enough and kidded Quads. First time ever here at CBF and we are very grateful to our good LORD for a safe kidding!!! 
3 Boys and 1 girl.  All - beautiful.  
Sadly we lost the girl a few days later when one of the older does head butted her and injured her internally.
She died in my arms and it was a very sad day.  The boys, on the other hand 
are all robust, healthy and thankfully = SOLD. 

NOT to be outdone by the other two girls, Little Lily decided to kid with triplets 3 days early. I'm not really 
sure where she hid that third kid but her and Earl gave us some of the prettiest little kids! 
2 bucks - 1 stunning Chamoisee doeling (this is not a pic of Camellia - that will come later) 
This little cutie pie is Pipsqueek, the smallest of the 3 and the one who has won everyone's heart around here. He has already gone to a new home where is a spoiled rotten therapy goat at an adult rehab center. 
I could not help but include this pic of Dickory chillin' with her two remaining boys: Zach and Zane who 
will be leaving for their new home in Clovis NM to be spoiled pets! 

MORE SOON!!!! and thanks for visiting us here at CBF Nigerians