Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More baby updates!  This little cutie pie went to a elderly daycare center with another tiny doe 
They are now treasured pets and he has a new name - Gizmo!!!!  SO CUTE!  
I"m glad this little guy got to have such a neat home where he will be loved on 
all day long!!!!

Zane and Zach, Dickory's two remaining boys will be leaving the 18th for their new 
home in Clovis NM.  Their new family is very excited to get them and I'm thrilled 
that the boys are going to such a great home as well!!!  

This is my new little buck - Lazy R Ranch Kosuke!  I love this little boy more and more every day. 
He's so long and wide.  I cannot wait to shave him and see what's under there but I love him fuzzy so not sure that will happen any time soon.  We are waiting for him to start acting bucky - but for now he's keeping all the other babies company!  At least when everyone leaves, he will still have the Kinder kids to keep him company. 

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