Saturday, April 17, 2010

CBF Ent's Whistlin' Dixie kidded

Got a call from the Dennison Family at about 7:10 pm - Dixie kidded with
twin does! They are sired by Piddlin Acres H Calm The Storm.
One twin was chocolate with white and the other was a buckskin with blue eyes and a white topknot. Congrats Dennison's on a terrific start of your kidding season
and way to go Dixie & Storm. that brings his doe/buck count to 4/3. I know of only a few more does due to him in the next few months and then a bunch in fall for his new owner - Nizhoni's Nigierian Goats.

Now we are waiting anxiously to hear news from Fence Lake - The Ruiz family is expecting
babies out of CBF CS Ammi and CBF TD Pepper in the very near future. These are sired by Lost Valley JL Pepe Le Pew! As well as their other 4 does from Prairie Wood Ranch.

TinFays1 Cleopatra

Here is our pretty new doe kid - she's still with her mom at my friend's house but I finally got over there for pics. She's such a pretty little doe but these pictures just aren't good. This is Cleo with her sister Neffi (Nefertiti)
Here is her from the back
And a little better view. She is incredibly long and dairy - really a beauty! I can't wait to bring her home but not until she's weaned.
About 1 more month and she can come home. She took a 2nd and 4th in her first show in March
in a fairly large class (around 8 - 10 does).

Darkwind Goats BlueDenimCoral

This doe was a bit of a sleeper in my herd. I wasn't really fond of her at first.
I thought she was short bodied and funny looking. As she matures, I'm not so sure she's an ugly goat anymore. I think she's got a LOT of dairy character. and her body capacity is pretty nice for such a petit doe. She has a lovely long neck and is very angular. She is due in a little over a month (June 5th).
See the tiny little udder forming (you can click on the pic for a larger view) and she's looking like she has halfway decend attachment - I am hoping she will throw some girls for me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It appears that little miss Tirzah is finally coming to terms with being a milk goat. I had to take Carbonado off of her and move him to the buck pen with Intrigue because the two boys were harassing all the girls mercilessly (BUCKS -OYE!!!!). I am bottle feeding Carbonado part time and leaving Hope with mom. This is the amount of milk I got this morning!
Yep folks, that is darn close to a quart and the baby was only off of her for 10 hours. I am pretty pleased with this girl - I cannot wait to milk test her in July but am seriously wishing I'd gone ahead and signed up for 305 day testing (I did not for 2 reasons - my milk tester forgot to re-certify and I thought it was going to be too stressful to milk test when most everyone I was freshening was a FF !) Lessons learned - I will not make that same mistake again next year!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CBF CS Luffy (or whatever his new owner names him)

Here is the new kid on the block. Last night at about 9:15 Skye had a single buck kid. Darn if he isn't one of the cutest little buck kids but alas - he will be a wether.

I really like his coloring and pattern a lot! He is a stout little fellow - very well formed overall but a tad short bodied. He looks like he's a buckskin with white overlay. /Welcome to the farm Luffy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think we are going to have more babies!

After watching Skye for nearly a week now -(maybe she is....maybe she isn't.......maybe she is........) I think we are going to have babies this evening. She has uddered up and her tailhead is mush.
Yeah, she filled up her escutcheon pretty well didn't she. And I did see some mucus on her vulva and she's panting pretty hard, picked at her food a bit tonight.
YIPPEE - more babies!

These are the twins from last weekend - Two boys from miss Priss the Oberhasli and her Beau the Kinder goat - Ray. Their names are Teriyaki and Ramen. I think we are going to be back in the milk this coming weekend! YEAH! I will be making tons of soap and yogurt and cheese and! I love SPRING!