Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nizhoni's BB SHIHARA

Welcome our newest doe - Shihara! She is now a week old and just as cute as can be. We have HIGH hopes for this little one. She has a great pedigree and hope she will take the place in my daughter's heart of the double teated doeling that Patience threw.
Alyssa has had a hard 3 years in the goat project from Willow having a false pregnancy, to a doeling that died at birth, to Patience's double treated doeling.....We so hope this one will be the CHARM for her. She is out of Nizhoni's Arwen Evenstar and MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou (will kind of replace the little buckling that had double dwarfism we hope!) WE are really looking forward to what next year will bring to our herd with the 3 new doelings and the 3 Seniors and the new Herdsire. Though, we do have a few outbreedings we will do so we can keep the lines going we are working on. Will keep posting on breedings as they happen and if there is a breeding that interests you, please feel free to email us NMgoatgal@gmail.com Thank you for checking on our progress!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Farm News

Things have been busy around here. We are finished kidding and have been busy giving shots, burning horns, and selling a few babies around here. After kidding, it's beginning to look a little sparse in the goat pen (until the spring again! LOL) We have two more for sale: the black and white wether (Willow's son) and the Black Mini Oberhasli Missy. We were going to keep her but we really don't need two mega milkers like her mother Miss Priss. We are drowning in milk and the Nigies aren't even milking full time yet. We just finished a show and it wasn't as good for our farm as the last show - oh well, you can't win them all! Chicki and Entei both took 2nd and were the youngest in their classes AGAIN. Joie did 6th - not where we expected her at all but she is still one of my favorites - she really has a nice easy to milk udder and though it isn't as big as Willow's she has a lot in there. Talk about sweet - great in coffee!!!! My daughter just got her new doeling from Nizhoni's and she is a doll - I hope to be able to post a picture of her on Monday. She is 4 days old and cute as a button. Lots of great genetics behind that little kid!