Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tirzah Kidded!

Tirzah decided she wanted to kid with a full audience so in the middle of Dear Hubbies Birthday party - Tirzah had twins. We got one doe and one buck.
They are BOTH blue eyed and absolutely beautiful!
The black one is the boy and the Chamoisee is the doe. YIPPEE!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue *S/*B

Just received two new pics of our new herdsire - He just looks better and better to me! We will be heading to Tucson next Sat to pick up the little guy and to drop off some goats that are heading that direction.
I really can't wait to get the little man home. And am even more excited about using him in the fall! I know this means some changes in the herd. Ones that make me very sad yet very happy at the same time. The next time you see pics of Intrique will be when we
get him home.
Thank you Ironwood and Pecan Grove for helping me to make this happen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joie and Storm's babies are two weeks old

well, the babies are now two weeks old. Growing fast and won't stay still so getting good pics is nearly impossible. This group of babies are the sweetest babies I've ever had. I really am enjoying spending time with them. OF course, that friendliness also has it's drawbacks - hard to get pics when they are snuggling in your lap - AH the bliss!!!!
the only shot of Tinkerbelle since she spend nearly the whole photo shoot in my lap. She loves to be scratched and her shoulders. She stands real still and in show stance with her eyes closed. I need to bring an assistant to get the pics while I'm scratching!
Magellen is probably the least friendly but still, he will take a break from playing to get some lovin'. Actually he's friendly enough, just BUSY!!! He's definitely living up to his name - he is the explorer of the crew - always busy poking his nose somewhere!!! Funny, when he was born I didn't think much of him but he's turning into quite the good looking little guy. He's got great body capacity and seems to have the nicesest chest. He even looks to have good length though his brother still has him beat there!
None of these pics really captures how good looking Columbus is. He's really got a long body, nice width between the hocks. Good dairy character and angularity.
A tad narrower than his brother but still not bad and a nice long neck and legs. All the babies have nice strait backs and from what I can see so far good feet and legs.
As I was sitting out in the pen playing with the babies I noticed that with two weeks until kidding Auntie Tirzah has a nice start to her FF udder.
I think this will be a lovely udder but darn, I have to wait about 2 more weeks to see it.
Susanna and I want to keep a doe kid from Tirzah and Storm so we are hoping she gives us
CBF CS Evangeline(Suzy's name for this doe kid)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally a Picture of CBF CS Tinker Belle

This little miss is so hard to get a picture of because she never stops moving!!!! FINALLY I got one. It's a MIRACLE!!!!
She's a pretty little thing and soooo sweet.

Introducing....Our new Herdsire!

We have made a decision on our new buck. His name is Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue *S/*B. Out of Ironwoodranch SJ Pecan 2*M/2*D and Ironwoodranch SJ Snickerdoodle *S/*B. He is linebred on the Smarty Jones lines.
I Chose Ironwood Ranch after another buck I really was hoping for didn't happen. Ironwood Ranch has done a phenomenal job with their herd; They Linear appraised and Pecan appraised at 92. Pecan also just finished her 305 day testing through ADGA and AGS and milked around 1334#'s with 6.1% butterfat. She is a beautiful doe who just
has what I would like to breed into my herd. Pecan kidded with two bucks to choose from and this little guy just stood out for me. So - HERE HE IS!!! We should be going to AZ to pick him up in about 5 weeks. I cannot wait!

DA Boys!

Here are pics of the Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre*M/*D and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm babies. This is the only picture of the girl in the last batch of pics that is EVEN halfway decent - she's the dark buckskin standing next to momma. The little guy there is the Chocolate and White buck kid who is temorarily named Magellen. He's a hoot - he's the most playful, independent little guy.
Here is Magellan (front) and Columbus (back)
And a great topview of Columbus. Columbus is looking to be a very nice buck kid - he's LOOOOONG and extremely angular. Legs for days. He also has a nice wide rump and nice topline. IF someone wanted a nice buck kid out of a great milker - he'd be the one I'd choose, unfortunately for Magellan - he is destined for wether-hood! But He will make a great pet for someone I'm sure. I hope I can get some good pics of Tinker Belle this am. Tinker is the name the folks who are buying her want to name her so Tinker Belle it is!

Monday, February 1, 2010

CBFNigerians presents the first babies of 2010

Kidding season 2010 started today - 8 days early with triplets from Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre *D/*M and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm. This one is a Black and White blue eyed buck kid who is very nicely built - One of the nicest I've seen so far. We are calling him Columbus until her finds his new home.
This is a chocolate and white brown eyed buck kid who will be wethered. He is just not as nice as his brother or sister - smaller, shorter bodied but CUTE CUTE CUTE. Alyssa named him Magellan
And here is the doeling - She was very obviously the first born and is a beautiful dark buckskin with blue eyes and a darling white topnot! Congrats Tracy on your new doeling!!!!

INTRODUCING....our new Gluten Free Soaps.

Due to my husband's severe gluten/wheat and corn allergy we decided to reformulate our soaps. We are introducing a line of soaps that should not cause allergies for those folks with skin sensitivities and allergies. WHY gluten/wheat and corn free? Well, your skin is your largest organ - it absorbs that which is put on it. Therefor, for those with allergies and sensitivities they are absorbing through their skin those elements that are in the soap/lotion etc.
These soaps are formulated with food grade palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil. and canola oil and of course our homegrown saponified goat's milk. They are very hard soaps and should last a long time in the shower if they don't sit in water. I will only use essential oils in these soaps or no scent at all and NO colorants although most of the colorants I use are all natural - mica powders/cocoa/fruit fiber etc.
We are happy to help out those who have allergies and sensitivities by reformulating our soaps. IF you would like to purchase our Gluten/wheat/corn/colorant free and/or scentless soaps - please email us at Special orders take up to 4-5 weeks. The first batch of soaps are Peppermint/Lavender using to best quality Essential oils - 4 bars are available now at $6.00/bar + Shipping ($5.00 for 4 bars of soap)Each bar is between 3.5 and 6 ozs.