Thursday, February 4, 2010

DA Boys!

Here are pics of the Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre*M/*D and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm babies. This is the only picture of the girl in the last batch of pics that is EVEN halfway decent - she's the dark buckskin standing next to momma. The little guy there is the Chocolate and White buck kid who is temorarily named Magellen. He's a hoot - he's the most playful, independent little guy.
Here is Magellan (front) and Columbus (back)
And a great topview of Columbus. Columbus is looking to be a very nice buck kid - he's LOOOOONG and extremely angular. Legs for days. He also has a nice wide rump and nice topline. IF someone wanted a nice buck kid out of a great milker - he'd be the one I'd choose, unfortunately for Magellan - he is destined for wether-hood! But He will make a great pet for someone I'm sure. I hope I can get some good pics of Tinker Belle this am. Tinker is the name the folks who are buying her want to name her so Tinker Belle it is!

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