Friday, February 2, 2007

Caution to the Wind

A friend and I threw caution to the wind this year and bought this little Blue eyed boy from Lost Valley Nigerians. He is out of Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou and Lost Valley It's a Phenomenon. We walked into the ring after just meeting this little guy and he won Jr. Champion twice at State Fair in 2006. Both her herd and mind have a lot resting on our little Lost Valley Goin' 4 Baroque. He's is so wide in back and strait all over, not too mention as dairy as they get. WE hope this little guy does big things for Cornerstone, Twylit Star and others who want to use him.

DA Boyz!

This little stinker is our current herdsire, PrairieWood RA Buckshott. He was being very uncooperative and wouldn't stand nice for the camera. He is 8 mo and has done a good job getting most of the girls here and a few extras pregnant for spring babies. He is up for sale now as we have another up and coming herdsire that will hopefully take over the reigns as King at Cornerstone of Bosque Farms. This little guy should add some nice dairy quality as well as nice udders and milk production to the girls. Can't wait to see this little kids he throws.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Greys N Goats Zelda

This is my son's newest goat Zelda. We just bought her for him to show in 4H this year. She is 8 month old and just a doll. She has the cutest face I've seen so far and we love her personality. She won't be bred until later this spring for fall babies and she will be bred to a little blue eyed guy named Prairie Wood Huckleberry. I think she is going to make a fine addition to our little farm.
You can see picture's of Huck at Flying Goat Ranch also on BlogSpot!!! Check them out too for lots of darling Nigerians and 1 Nubian.

Little Miss Priss

This is Miss Priss, our lean mean milking machine. She is our last remaining Oberhasli. She was also the first baby goat born on our property. We bred her last year and got two bucks and tons of milk (1 gallon a day as a first freshener) and she is bred this year to the Nigerian buck "Buckshott" for mini Oberhaslis. We expect her milk to increase - but that's okay, we have lots of uses for all that milk - ice cream, cheese and lots of SOAP which we will hopefully sell tons of this year. If you are interested in SOAP, please contact me at or (serious buyers only).