Friday, February 2, 2007

Caution to the Wind

A friend and I threw caution to the wind this year and bought this little Blue eyed boy from Lost Valley Nigerians. He is out of Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou and Lost Valley It's a Phenomenon. We walked into the ring after just meeting this little guy and he won Jr. Champion twice at State Fair in 2006. Both her herd and mind have a lot resting on our little Lost Valley Goin' 4 Baroque. He's is so wide in back and strait all over, not too mention as dairy as they get. WE hope this little guy does big things for Cornerstone, Twylit Star and others who want to use him.

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kat said...

Aw he looks so cute. Also thanks for the link to my Flying Goats. Its much appreciated. I will get you added to my links list as well. Us goaty girls gotta stick together.