Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colorado Continued.

Here are a few pics of where we stayed in the Bayfield area (between Durango and Pagosa). We transported two Chihuahua pups to a dear friend up there and were asked to transport some goats home for someone here.
Here is the cabin we stayed in (the one in back) for one night before we left for Pagosa after our friend's hubby's birthday party!

Mist rolling off the mountain first thing in the morning. This is looking off the big cabin in the background of the previous pic. I just love it up there so much.
When I die I hope they burn me and toss my ashes in Colorado! Gorgeous country!!!

Road Trip!

Well, we all decided that we needed a real vacation so we loaded up our truck and headed north. Grandma and Grandpa booked two condos up in Pagosa Springs and the whole family: Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Bill, Auntie Megan, their kids and all of us.
I get up to Colorado and start taking pictures. IT is beautiful up there. We had rain nearly every day and we saw some of the most beautiful scenery.
I did NOT take near enough pictures while I was there but we sure had a good time.
We fished, walked, shopped, rode bikes, slept, watched TV, played games, played the Wii,
played putt putt, swam, beaded, drove around, and had a great time. This was a much needed time away from the reality of life right now. Like Alyssa said " I'd almost forgotten about it (the medical stuff)"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 More goats leave CBF

It is always bittersweet when goats leave the farm. I am always ecstatic when i know they go to good homes (these two definitely did!) but I still miss them not being out there. It seems a little strange today without Narnia's low throaty maaa and little Daredevil's beautiful face out there.
Yet, I am so glad they are going to fulfill new destinies - Narnia is going to restart SbarH's Alpine herd (where she came from) and Daredevil is going to bring in a new generation of beautiful little Nigies at Camino Allegre. I'm happy they are where they are - like Dixie, Snowcap, Pepper and Ammi, Willow, Entei, Chickority, Shalom, Shihara, Laikla, Zelda and many others. They all still have a place in my heart and frankly - I am so happy to know that those precious little goaties are going to be in a place where they can help others. I am always thrilled to see what they are doing in their new homes along with that twinge of "I miss them". *sniff*.
Thank you Sanchez' and Sedillos for these animals having good homes where they will be loved and well cared for - makes breeding a little easier when you know a goat gets a great home.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More of Storm's Kids that were born.

3 More does and a buckling were born to Camino Allegre's Wendy and Tinker Bell. Here are some pics of the new additions to Camino Allegre. The babies are all out of Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm. 2 of them are blue eyed and two of them are brown eyed.

To date Storm has managed to throw a grand total of 15 does and 4 bucks.

about 40 % are blue eyed. Seems like they all have improved conformation over their dams which is great. Lots of straight legs, backs and wider escutcheons abound. WE sure are happy with the kid crop Storm has produced this year. He isn't done yet.
We know of about 2 or 3 more does due to him and several more will go into the breeding pen this year. We are going to try a line breeding on the Peaceful Voyage lines of Storm and Tirzah and Storm and Joie. Here's hoping for some MORE beautiful, milky babies.

Twinkle is Officially For Sale

I am officially putting my little doe CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil Star for sale. This is another one of those hard decisions to make but I need to make it. Mostly for my own sanity and it is one of those sales that makes sense. I have mom, 1/2 sister and daughter.
She is a fairly correct little doe who is not a bad FF milker (on 1 day test she did 1.2lbs of milk
which I know doesn't sound like much but considering she's only 43 days fresh and 15 mo in comparison to some of the other does who were on test.) Her dam milked 3.8lbs of milk at 47 days fresh as a 3 year old. Joie has now unofficially earned her milk star in ADGA(AGS is official) Twinkle's udder looks better than her mom's in attachment and is just as easy to milk, her teats are bigger and she is very friendly.
I am asking $300 for her. Her 2 month old daughter is available as well and I am asking the same price for her. She is solid Chocolate with a white slash on her side and a few white spots on her belly. I can do a package deal for the two of them if someone wants.

Despite the Rough spots, Blessings Abound.

Yesterday was an incredible day - despite some of the roughness of the last two weeks, God continues to show our family what a loving, caring and providing Father He is. There is a charitable organization called the Janet Vargas Memorial Fund which pays for the some fun events for the kids at UNM Childrens Cancer Center. Yesterday was the Cliff's Amusement Park Day so we went and had an absolutely fun time. It was a day to go be a kid and have fun - leaving all the seriousness of this disease behind! I could have cried just seeing the kids have so much fun all day. Aside from getting to ride rides for free from 12-7pm they also provided lunch of Pizza, Subs, chips, sodas, and goodies. It brought a huge smile to my face and tears to my eyes seeing these kids who I am used to seeing so sick while they are getting treatments etc. just smile and have so much fun. I would LOVE to have had pictures but I forgot my batteries for the camars (DUH!!!) If you would like to have more information about this group - see their website: .
Along with this fun day we got a call from my mom that someone had donated a large sum of money to our family for medical expenses. Again bringing tears and smiles!!!!
I have a few prayer requests for everyone.
1) Someone we know is having some issues in their life. Please pray that God would just use this difficulty to bring them all closer to the Lord. I can't be specific but I know they could use a lot of prayer right now to carry them thru.
2.) A family who I don't know but family members do know have a Grandbaby who is very young (under 1 year) who is going thru a lot of MAJOR medical issues. He has almost constant seizures and has to have a feeding tube among other medical things. This is a heartbreaking situation for the family and they have been in and out of hospitals since he was born. Please pray too for this family to be upheld during this and that God's miraculous hand of healing would be on this little one.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Set of Spring Babies

So, it was late December and I was feeling a bit lazy and didn't want to run my Oberhasli out to the Oberhasli buck. So I decided that I wouldn't mind doing mini's again. Thinking that if I bred my Chocolate Chamoise buck to my black Oberhasli doe I'd get Chocolate Chamoisee kids. WRONG!!!!! As you can see by this picture of baby #2
And Baby #1 We did not get Chamoisee's at all!!!!! We got buckskins. This doe is a Chocolate buckskin

with no white (that's actually light tan on her)

Not even 12 hours old and she's already jumping!

And a black and tan buckskin with a white poll. HMMMM - where did that come from?
At least we got twin doelings!!!!! Both these little Mini Milkers are for sale. $75 each or both for $100. They will make terrific backyard milkers for someone!!!! And I don't have any more boys to sell.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Surgery for me is scheduled.

Okay, so after having a major pity party for myself on Mother's Day (I'll spare everyone the details!) today was my appt with the surgeon and I am scheduled for my Thyroid/nodule removal for June 30, 2009. Personally I was hoping for this week (next week is out as Dr. Spafford is on vacation, the week after we are on vacation. 3 weeks in June are taken up with Alyssa's Radiation so this is for the best I'm sure) I am still praying he has a cancellation tomorrow and has to call me in. I'm sure that would throw off everyone's groove but at this point - our groove is so out of wack Kusco would throw us out the window!!!! LOL....
Now we just have to wait for the Pediatric Radiologist to call and schedule our appts. with him.

Lots of News

WE have lots of news so I'll divide it in two for those who want to only read Alyssa updates or those who like the goat news too. I wanted to post all of this earlier but our weekend was so busy I never had much time to sit down and write.
ALYSSA NEWS - Friday we had an appt with Dr. Winter and we didn't get the good news we expected - We got " the shrinkage in her tumor wasn't enough, I'm sorry Alyssa will now have to go thru 14 radiation treatments" GULP. What this means is that she will have two weeks M-F of daily treatments and then 4 days the next week. Also there will be an appt where they mold a pillow to her body the way they want it positioned so she stays still and right where they want her during treatments = Thankfully the treatments are quick and precise. Side effects short term are: sunburned skin at the site, tiredness and possibly nausea though most folks said they did not have nausea during the treatments - just tired and sunburned. Her and I have cried our piece now and we just need to wait for the call for us to go in and meet with our Pediatric Radiologist.
Today is also my appt with the Surgeon to determine when I will have the Thyroid half with the nodule removed. NOT really looking forward to this but it is time. I hope I can get it done before alyssa starts radiation.

GOAT NEWS - Joie and Twinkle went to a one day milk test this past weekend. Joie milked
3.8 lbs (compared to 3.2 last year when she earned her star for AGS) we are trying to earn her star in ADGA. Twinkle milked 2.2 lbs as a First Freshener so I doubt she'd earn her star. HOWEVER - even if she did she would get it as her tattoo in her right ear was unreadable so I will be re-tattooing! PTHTHTHT!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Handsome Storm standing for the judge.
Koko and Pepper doing their thing - Koko is not happy about this but she sure stands pretty for the judge!!!

Mom, take me home - this is too much stress. I think I'll just sleep thru it all!!!! This is why everyone fell in love with her.

Hi there all, yeah, sorry I haven't blogged for a long time. Life this week has been pretty hectic.

I was gone all weekend to the show which was okay - not our best but still a good time was had by one and all. Our biggest brag is about Storm and Kokoro Kiseski. Storm took 1st, Sr. Reserve, and a few 3rds. Koko did a 1st and three 2nds. WE were the youngest kids in the class and Pepper and Ammi weren't shaved which I think didn't help them much. I think Koko's biggest advantage was she got general appearance points - I am not convinced that Pepper wouldn't have done better than the others if she was shaved!!! But who knows.

Ammi got a second and several 3rds. Pepper, bless her heart, may be a late bloomer like her older sister and mom. She'll probably be a stunning First Freshener!!!!Little miss Koko just stole hearts at the show.

After being gone all weekend, We ended up having to go to the hospital on both Monday and Tuesday (originally it was only Tuesday) for Labs, Xray and CT Scan. Today we get to go back for our results.

Last night was Alyssa's Teen Cancer Group - it was nice as they had chair massages and they all enjoyed that immensely! But sad as a young lady who was up in Denver for treatment passed away yesterday. It was very sad for the kids in the group who knew her. My heart breaks for the family and for the kids who are still struggling thru this disease who have to face the fact that some do loose their battle. She had a very difficult to treat type of Leukemia. I just can't even begin to express my sorrow - Why should we be so blessed when others loose. It hurts.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Eve of Goat show and Prayer request

Tonight is the night before the Quad show - only 4 goats going - Storm, Kokoro kiseki, Ammi and Pepper. It promises to be a busy but fun weekend and we will be sure to let everyone know how we come out!
I have a prayer request for a young man we heard of who was JUST diagnosed with Hodgkins.
His tumor is very large (size of an eggplant) entwined with his jugular and sits above his heart.
I ask you all to keep this young man in your prayers as his family deals with this. His diagnosis is way more scary than ours because of size and location. he is having trouble breathing. Please lift them up to our Father who is merciful. WE know how they feel right now - it is a scary place to be and my heart is broken for this youngster.
Praise - K is nearing the end of his treatments - he should have only 4 more now.
Come visit us at the goat show if you can .
If not I'll try to post pics and commentary on Monday.