Friday, May 1, 2009

Eve of Goat show and Prayer request

Tonight is the night before the Quad show - only 4 goats going - Storm, Kokoro kiseki, Ammi and Pepper. It promises to be a busy but fun weekend and we will be sure to let everyone know how we come out!
I have a prayer request for a young man we heard of who was JUST diagnosed with Hodgkins.
His tumor is very large (size of an eggplant) entwined with his jugular and sits above his heart.
I ask you all to keep this young man in your prayers as his family deals with this. His diagnosis is way more scary than ours because of size and location. he is having trouble breathing. Please lift them up to our Father who is merciful. WE know how they feel right now - it is a scary place to be and my heart is broken for this youngster.
Praise - K is nearing the end of his treatments - he should have only 4 more now.
Come visit us at the goat show if you can .
If not I'll try to post pics and commentary on Monday.

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