Monday, May 11, 2009

Surgery for me is scheduled.

Okay, so after having a major pity party for myself on Mother's Day (I'll spare everyone the details!) today was my appt with the surgeon and I am scheduled for my Thyroid/nodule removal for June 30, 2009. Personally I was hoping for this week (next week is out as Dr. Spafford is on vacation, the week after we are on vacation. 3 weeks in June are taken up with Alyssa's Radiation so this is for the best I'm sure) I am still praying he has a cancellation tomorrow and has to call me in. I'm sure that would throw off everyone's groove but at this point - our groove is so out of wack Kusco would throw us out the window!!!! LOL....
Now we just have to wait for the Pediatric Radiologist to call and schedule our appts. with him.

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