Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twinkle is Officially For Sale

I am officially putting my little doe CBF Ent's Twinkle Lil Star for sale. This is another one of those hard decisions to make but I need to make it. Mostly for my own sanity and it is one of those sales that makes sense. I have mom, 1/2 sister and daughter.
She is a fairly correct little doe who is not a bad FF milker (on 1 day test she did 1.2lbs of milk
which I know doesn't sound like much but considering she's only 43 days fresh and 15 mo in comparison to some of the other does who were on test.) Her dam milked 3.8lbs of milk at 47 days fresh as a 3 year old. Joie has now unofficially earned her milk star in ADGA(AGS is official) Twinkle's udder looks better than her mom's in attachment and is just as easy to milk, her teats are bigger and she is very friendly.
I am asking $300 for her. Her 2 month old daughter is available as well and I am asking the same price for her. She is solid Chocolate with a white slash on her side and a few white spots on her belly. I can do a package deal for the two of them if someone wants.

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