Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right now, all the babies are born that are going to be born are here and now sold.
So life has slowed a bit and turned to MILK.  
In case you haven't figured it out yet, CBF is all about the milking! 
We are Currently on 305 day milk test and things are going smashingly well. 
The Lord has blessed us with 4 great milkers (Ask and you Shall Receive!)
I have a 5th girl in milk, Aaron's Kinder but we are currently letting her dam 
raise her beasties.  They are getting huge.
She doesn't like being away from them at all and I couldn't handle all the crying plus, I 
don't really need the milk (as you can see above - that's 1 milking worth of milk for us) 
In case you are wondering where the girls are at:
Marina (FF) - 215#/9lb protein/12 lb BF at 84 days fresh
Chatty (2nd) 111#/5lb protein/8# BF at 37 days fresh
Dickory (3rd)   313#/14lbs Protein/ 18# BF at 80 days fresh
Lily(FF)  - 146#/5lb Protein/7# BF at 63 days fresh.

This coming week will be our verification test.
I am really looking forward to some stars here this year. 
I think we will have a few (Chatty already has hers from her first year so the pressure is off of her but we
are working toward getting her a JuJu award in ANDDA this year. She almost made it.