Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Negative Tests

Our Brucellosis tests are all back and negative now. Our plan was to learn to draw blood and do our own CAEs (still the plan actually) but a storm thwarted our efforts so we will do it later. I did take Miss Priss to get her test done and know it will be Negative but she will be going to visit her handsome man here in a few weeks. She went into heat on Thanksgiving day so I can't wait for her next cycle to take her to Southern Comfort - the son of a National Champion. It's almost tempting to keep one of these but I don't need another mega milker - one is enough!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Looking Forward

I wish I could post a picture here but we put down a deposit on a new buckling who will be born this spring. This is a dream come true for me. I fell in love with the sire when I saw him as a junior buck and blew my chance at owning one of his sons. NOW, I'm just going for it. We want to name him Captain Kidd (after one of the first known pirates). I am not giving away any more information about this buck as it will be a surprise. (HOPE I can keep my mouth shut until after March when he's due). We are praying hard for one out of our first choice doe but either second or third would be fine too!! We are looking forward to this buck doing big things for our herd. I did almost have a weakened moment where I threw caution to the wind and bought my third choice doe bred to the sire. YEAH, if somone drops $400 in my lap tomorrow, I'm leaving to pick her up!!! In the meantime, the buck is what we are going for here. I don't really need another doe! And we are hoping for several keepers this coming year!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


CBF Entei is officially for SALE. As much as we adore this boy we need to pass him on to another herd. He had done an excellent job of getting our two seniors settled (likely with multiples as both girls are already getting quite big). Willow was sono'd with twin for sure and more likely as her fluid level was high. He's hopefully settled my friend's two senior does and I still own his sister so he won't be used around here much. We are also reserving a new buckling for spring from Rancho Esperanza. I am so excited about bring a son of my favorite buck ever DesertNanny HB Jack Sparrow in here. He has some of the genetics I've been wanting (AND Then some!!!!) and all of the look I've been wanting. If he repeats himself on the breeding that's first choice we will again be doing mini Oberhaslis. WE are very excited about the babies due in February. All of Willow's will be available but we will likely retain a doeling out of Joie de Vivre. Hoping for some beautiful, wide escutcheon, nice width/depth, dairy babies from these pairs and the udder genetics should be something! IF you are interested in Entei, please email me.