Saturday, November 10, 2007


CBF Entei is officially for SALE. As much as we adore this boy we need to pass him on to another herd. He had done an excellent job of getting our two seniors settled (likely with multiples as both girls are already getting quite big). Willow was sono'd with twin for sure and more likely as her fluid level was high. He's hopefully settled my friend's two senior does and I still own his sister so he won't be used around here much. We are also reserving a new buckling for spring from Rancho Esperanza. I am so excited about bring a son of my favorite buck ever DesertNanny HB Jack Sparrow in here. He has some of the genetics I've been wanting (AND Then some!!!!) and all of the look I've been wanting. If he repeats himself on the breeding that's first choice we will again be doing mini Oberhaslis. WE are very excited about the babies due in February. All of Willow's will be available but we will likely retain a doeling out of Joie de Vivre. Hoping for some beautiful, wide escutcheon, nice width/depth, dairy babies from these pairs and the udder genetics should be something! IF you are interested in Entei, please email me.

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