Monday, March 29, 2010

CBF CS Hope Diamond

Here is little princess Hope. Check out that topline and angularity!
She is just beautiful. And wild as a March hare. I tried to set her up to get pictures and she's just drop to the ground. I've decided to put the babies slowly onto a bottle (not going smoothly). Her and her brother just run and play all day long. Although i wish they were friendlier I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the two of them running around my backyard playing. It will be a pity when they have to get seperated. Poor little Hope will miss her brother when he has to go in the buck pen. I do hope we have another baby girl here soon she can play with as Skye is due this coming week as is Miss Priss.

Tirzah's babies at 1 month old.

CBF CS Carbonado at one month old. As we were out taking pictures of the goats yesterday I came to the stark realization that Carbonado a)isn't black and b) is a real pill. He did not want to cooperate at all during out picture taking session and since we were out in the sun I got a real good look at this boy. He's about as dark chocolate brown as you can get. A dark dark chocolate brown Chamoisee is what I was looking at. I am sooooo amazed and blown away. I REALLY want to keep this boy but not sure WHO I'd breed him too and I normally don't keep FF's buck kids intact so I'm going against what I believe is a good idea if I do. Since he's chocolate brown not black the situation I had for him did not pan out and I am now in a pickle. Because I thought I had a situation for him, I already registered him as buck!

FInally pictures of Tirzah's Udder

I finally got pictures of Tirzah's udder at 11 hours full. I am super excited about this doe's FF udder. I cannot even believe how lovely and well attached this udder is. I am sooooo glad I am keeping her daughter for this year and am considering keeping her son intact (thought not really sure who I would breed him to yet) LOL!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Show Wins

Here are our two newest Reserve Champions: Nizhoni's DW Tirzah who took Reserve Champion to NOW MCH/GCH Prairie Wood Tiara Star under judge Anna Thompson Hajdik. Tiara is a 3rd Freshener and a LOVELY doe to place behind. Tirzah is a First Freshening 1 1/2 year old so we see good things yet to come with this doe. She was dairy shaved for the show so these pics still aren't as good as they could be
But you can see what a lovely doe she is. She has tons of body capacity. Also her udder is empty right now so I'll have to get a full udder shot tomorrow morning before milking also.
And our other reserve Champion Junior doe is CBF CS Paint th'Sky With Stars. She took this honor under Judge Scott Horner of TX. He said he really liked her LONG body and she just had the most dairy character in the class with her thin dairy skin and flat bone. OH YEAH! She is Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre *S/*B 's granddaughter. Of any doe in my herd she has the most of MY breeding in her. Her dam JUST missed earning her *'s as a FF doe and Twinkle has been in milk for over a year now. She is with some wonderful folks, the Ohlers. I cannot wait to see what she does for the Ohlers herd this year. WE are just happy we got to keep this lovely doe kid out of her before we sold her last summer
The other two goats who were shown yesterday were Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue *S/*B our buck who took 1st/2nd and our newest doeling TinFays1 Cleopatra who took 2nd and 4th.
They are both very young and we weren't expecting BIG wins on them but we are happy with how they did and got some great comments on both of them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming Soon!

Okay, so I had NO intention of buying another doe but sometimes, something comes your way you just can't pass up.....could you pass this up?
Dam is out of MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou who is the Sire of 2008 ANDDA All American Grand Champion Lost Valley BB Lilo 3*M/3*D, Maternal Grandsire of 2009 AGS National Champion Sr. Doe ARMCH/GCH Hill Country KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M. Sire to Steel Ballew Lantanna *D and 3X Best Udder.
Oh wait - It gets better!
Sire, Rosasharn' HB Gideon *B/*S is out of Rosasharn TF Honey Bear *B/*S and ARMCH/GCH Rosasharn TL Arwen 8*D/2*M VEEE 90. And I could go on and on about these two but what you see speaks for itself.......
And I'm no fan of Gold Goats but in this case - well, I'm making an exception!
IF my goal here at CBF is to breed and raise milking goats who can show.....sometimes we have to jump at a chance when it presents itself! Oh, I forgot - I'm not going to tell you anymore but may give a few more "clues" before I unveil our newest doeling!

Monday, March 15, 2010

She's BACK!

CBF Diamond in the Skye came home. Skye was Joie's first kid. She singled that year after being bred to PrairieWood Dreamweaver. Skye was a farm favorite and I never wanted to sell her. She is, in particular, my 6 year old's favorite. But Skye was born with a little teat defect and I made a mountain out of a molehill. I was going to butcher her but a dear friend said she was willing to take a gamble on her since she loved Dreamer's kids a lot (she'd had 2 already and was buying another one - she later wound up with Dreamer, when he became available. I let her have Skye and Skye has been in Southern Colorado as the spoiled PET of my friends. Well, after about a year in their herd, they decided to "just see" what would happen if they bred Skye
She had two of the nicest kids my friend has ever had. My friend kept the buck kid intact and the doe is one of her favorite does of all times. These two kids were born to a buck, Diamond, who is out of MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou (to see some of his kids check out Lost Valley's website). Unfortunately my friend lent Diamond to another friend that year to breed some mini Nubians and he was lost to a Mountain Lion. Well, My friend has a terrible disease that is slowly taking away her ability to go out and be with her animals and she is beginning to disperse her herd. She asked if she could give SkyeSkye back to Suzy. I said yes, after seeing her two kids, I am SURE my vet's first opinion is correct - the teat defect is a fluke, not a genetic thing. These two kids of Skye's are gorgeous with perfect teats. I know all the goats in Skye's pedigree well and none of them have it either. So, we are welcoming back CBF Diamond in the Skye pregnant with kids from PrairieWood Darkwind Onyx. Onyx is a Racketeer (see Prairiewood's website) X MK Timnah son. Dreamweaver is the son of PrairieWood Calico and MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues. (again, See Prairie wood's website). Because Skye is out of who she is out of we should be looking at some super milky genetics here and it is a pleasure to see what Joie's most mature daughter can do on the milking stand. While this little teat thing will keep her out of the winner's spot in the ring, it will not keep her from starring on the milk stand. She also is a very sweet natured doe. We will not be keeping her kids this year and she is due sometime in April IF anyone is interested in a kid from this breeding please let us know - they will not be priced at $300 but probably closer to $200 or so. If a buck is born he will be wethered and I would give the wether to whomever bought a doe if one is born.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Review of 8 lbs Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide Lye Micro Beads - 4 x 2lb Bottles

Originally submitted at Essential Depot

Sodium hydroxide / caustic soda pels / micro beads / lye food grade 8 lbs (4 x 2lb Bottles)

Excellent Service and Product.

By NM Goat Gal from New Mexico on 3/12/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Good Value, Easy To Use

Best Uses: Weekly Use

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My Beauty Routine Takes: 10 Minutes

We make our own Goat Milk soap and were thrilled with Essential Depot's excellent product and customer service. We received the product in 3 days. Their product pricing and customer service sure beat out the local place we were buying Sodium Hydroxide and that is RARE! Thank you Essential Depot!


Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue *S/*B

One of the problems with buying a buck kid who is incredibly friendly (he was the farm favorite and everyone handled him a lot at Ironwood Ranch) is they are extremely hard to get good pictures of! Intrigue would much rather sit in my lap than
let me take a good picture of him.
So here are a few not so good pictures of him but at least you get an idea of what this beautiful boy looks like! OF course he'll pose a little for some bottle milk! Here you can see a bit of his angularity (yeah, it's not easy snapping a picture and holding the bottle at the same time but it got him to stand a little and not jump in my lap)
He found an empty bottle in the barn (must have fallen out of my pocket while I was feeding) and was trying desperately to get something out of it.

But it did give me a chance to snap a few pics of him unposed. He's got a lot of body capacity at 2 months old (He'll be 2 mo old on Monday).
As you can see (he was very busy eating) he has very straight legs. And I've watched him walk away a few times and he tracks real straight as well. We are very please with Intrigue. I am looking forward to showing him at the March Spring Fling Double show at the end of the month.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update on Kids and Tirzah!

Yep - another butt shot of a goat. I am super excited about the attachment on this doe - this is Nizhoni's DW Tirzah, who is about 1 1/2 years old and a FF. This udder is NOT full at all. She has had babies on her all day long and it still looks nice - small but nice!
And the front attachment is very smooth - the "bump" you are seeing is actuallya crummy shaving job on my part! I hope to get that udder shaved better and a picture of it FULL when I milk her. We did attempt to do a little milking training today with her and suffice it to say it was a rodeo - OY First Fresheners! But her udder is nice and soft and easy to milk! WHEN SHE IS JUMPING ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Here is her doeling, CBF CS Hope Diamond, at almost 3 weeks of age - I thought this doe was bit short bodies when she was born - I take that back. I think she was small and bunched up and now that she is growing she is longer than I thought she was. MUCH longer!
And big brother here is mugging for the camera - HE's so cute and also very nice looking - sure wish I could justify keeping this little man in my herd. I'm trying to work out something with a friend where she can lease him for a year or two and then I'll bring him home and use him in a few! I don't normally even think of keeping a buckling intact from a FF but Tirzah is meeting/exceeding what I was looking for.
And this is the new Herdsire who wasn't cooperating for pictures AT ALL He would not pull his head out of the feed bucket for pics. He's actually WAY more handsome than this picture shows but anyway...more pics of the little guy next time (plus I have some fun news regarding some of his relatives to share then )!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm in LOVE!

I am just LOVING these babies and Tirzah is such a good mommie!
The width and strait legs in these kids is stunning!
and I tell you this doeling is one of the prettiest we've EVER bred.
And little buck love isn't half bad either - my hubby keeps telling me NOT to castrate him but he doesn't understand. I would love to keep him a buck - I just don't keep bucks out of FF does (no matter how pretty her udder is - and boy is it pretty! AS is her dam's udder ) But I don't exactly have folks lined up to buy bucks (does yes, bucks no - and the doe I have is sold and this little girl is a KEEPER!)I am just praying we fine good pet homes for these 3 precious wethers! And that my hubby would understand how we do business around here! NO bucks this year.