Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming Soon!

Okay, so I had NO intention of buying another doe but sometimes, something comes your way you just can't pass up.....could you pass this up?
Dam is out of MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou who is the Sire of 2008 ANDDA All American Grand Champion Lost Valley BB Lilo 3*M/3*D, Maternal Grandsire of 2009 AGS National Champion Sr. Doe ARMCH/GCH Hill Country KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M. Sire to Steel Ballew Lantanna *D and 3X Best Udder.
Oh wait - It gets better!
Sire, Rosasharn' HB Gideon *B/*S is out of Rosasharn TF Honey Bear *B/*S and ARMCH/GCH Rosasharn TL Arwen 8*D/2*M VEEE 90. And I could go on and on about these two but what you see speaks for itself.......
And I'm no fan of Gold Goats but in this case - well, I'm making an exception!
IF my goal here at CBF is to breed and raise milking goats who can show.....sometimes we have to jump at a chance when it presents itself! Oh, I forgot - I'm not going to tell you anymore but may give a few more "clues" before I unveil our newest doeling!

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