Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update on Kids and Tirzah!

Yep - another butt shot of a goat. I am super excited about the attachment on this doe - this is Nizhoni's DW Tirzah, who is about 1 1/2 years old and a FF. This udder is NOT full at all. She has had babies on her all day long and it still looks nice - small but nice!
And the front attachment is very smooth - the "bump" you are seeing is actuallya crummy shaving job on my part! I hope to get that udder shaved better and a picture of it FULL when I milk her. We did attempt to do a little milking training today with her and suffice it to say it was a rodeo - OY First Fresheners! But her udder is nice and soft and easy to milk! WHEN SHE IS JUMPING ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Here is her doeling, CBF CS Hope Diamond, at almost 3 weeks of age - I thought this doe was bit short bodies when she was born - I take that back. I think she was small and bunched up and now that she is growing she is longer than I thought she was. MUCH longer!
And big brother here is mugging for the camera - HE's so cute and also very nice looking - sure wish I could justify keeping this little man in my herd. I'm trying to work out something with a friend where she can lease him for a year or two and then I'll bring him home and use him in a few! I don't normally even think of keeping a buckling intact from a FF but Tirzah is meeting/exceeding what I was looking for.
And this is the new Herdsire who wasn't cooperating for pictures AT ALL He would not pull his head out of the feed bucket for pics. He's actually WAY more handsome than this picture shows but anyway...more pics of the little guy next time (plus I have some fun news regarding some of his relatives to share then )!

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