Monday, March 29, 2010

Tirzah's babies at 1 month old.

CBF CS Carbonado at one month old. As we were out taking pictures of the goats yesterday I came to the stark realization that Carbonado a)isn't black and b) is a real pill. He did not want to cooperate at all during out picture taking session and since we were out in the sun I got a real good look at this boy. He's about as dark chocolate brown as you can get. A dark dark chocolate brown Chamoisee is what I was looking at. I am sooooo amazed and blown away. I REALLY want to keep this boy but not sure WHO I'd breed him too and I normally don't keep FF's buck kids intact so I'm going against what I believe is a good idea if I do. Since he's chocolate brown not black the situation I had for him did not pan out and I am now in a pickle. Because I thought I had a situation for him, I already registered him as buck!

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