Monday, March 15, 2010

She's BACK!

CBF Diamond in the Skye came home. Skye was Joie's first kid. She singled that year after being bred to PrairieWood Dreamweaver. Skye was a farm favorite and I never wanted to sell her. She is, in particular, my 6 year old's favorite. But Skye was born with a little teat defect and I made a mountain out of a molehill. I was going to butcher her but a dear friend said she was willing to take a gamble on her since she loved Dreamer's kids a lot (she'd had 2 already and was buying another one - she later wound up with Dreamer, when he became available. I let her have Skye and Skye has been in Southern Colorado as the spoiled PET of my friends. Well, after about a year in their herd, they decided to "just see" what would happen if they bred Skye
She had two of the nicest kids my friend has ever had. My friend kept the buck kid intact and the doe is one of her favorite does of all times. These two kids were born to a buck, Diamond, who is out of MCH Steele Ballew's Blue Bayou (to see some of his kids check out Lost Valley's website). Unfortunately my friend lent Diamond to another friend that year to breed some mini Nubians and he was lost to a Mountain Lion. Well, My friend has a terrible disease that is slowly taking away her ability to go out and be with her animals and she is beginning to disperse her herd. She asked if she could give SkyeSkye back to Suzy. I said yes, after seeing her two kids, I am SURE my vet's first opinion is correct - the teat defect is a fluke, not a genetic thing. These two kids of Skye's are gorgeous with perfect teats. I know all the goats in Skye's pedigree well and none of them have it either. So, we are welcoming back CBF Diamond in the Skye pregnant with kids from PrairieWood Darkwind Onyx. Onyx is a Racketeer (see Prairiewood's website) X MK Timnah son. Dreamweaver is the son of PrairieWood Calico and MCH PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues. (again, See Prairie wood's website). Because Skye is out of who she is out of we should be looking at some super milky genetics here and it is a pleasure to see what Joie's most mature daughter can do on the milking stand. While this little teat thing will keep her out of the winner's spot in the ring, it will not keep her from starring on the milk stand. She also is a very sweet natured doe. We will not be keeping her kids this year and she is due sometime in April IF anyone is interested in a kid from this breeding please let us know - they will not be priced at $300 but probably closer to $200 or so. If a buck is born he will be wethered and I would give the wether to whomever bought a doe if one is born.


Holly said...

I'm glad to hear that the teat problem isn't genetic.

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