Thursday, June 21, 2007

Udder Shots

A Friend of mine suggested I post the udder shots of my does so folks can get an idea of what nice udders my girls have. Willow's udder shot is in January's post so you can go see her's there. Her is Joie's. I know these aren't the best as the baby had been eating BUT. She has lovely foreudder attachment - very smooth and her teats are nicely placed. When she is milking, I will get a better rear udder pic but these will have to do for now. I believe this little gal is going to do good things for our Farm!
She hates to show but seems to like to be milked. She is a first Freshener and she didn't kick at all when i relieved the side the baby wasn't nursing from. Joie just may be a JOY to milk! yippee.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Joie Kidded a beautiful Doeling

This darling little girl was born this morning to Nizhoni's Joie de Vivre (Nizhoni's PV Desert Prince X MCH Twin Creeks KM Fairytail Princess) and PrairieWood Dreamweaver (MCH prairieWood Pinnacle Blues X PrairieWood Calico) Momma has a lovely FF udder and we are liking this little girl. PrairieWood Dreamweaver has thrown nothing but girl's this year! We will be keeping CBF Diamond in the Skye" Not a bad way to finish out our kidding year.Overall, it was a decent year. Blessings, D.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My CBF Entei

See the little grey goat in the middle just to the right of the judge in red? He will be our new HERDSIRE. And, he will be the first one carrying our farm name. After the favorable comments by the two judges, I'm excited! Despite being the youngest, and littlest goat in the whole show, he recieved very positive comments from this Judge. He said he "expects this tiny little buck kid, when he matures, to go strait to the front of the line". He placed him 5th because most of the other bucks in his class were nearly twice his size (the class was Jr. Bucks 6 m0 and under). He commented on his long level topline and wide escutcheon. WE were pretty sure we wouldn't win the class with a 4 week old buck but it was fun showing our first two Nigie babies of the year. Entei's sister Chickorita also recieved some similar comments so we are please that this breeding produced such nice kids for us.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Matthias the Goat show mascot

Matthias went to his first goat show and everyone LOVES this little guy. So many people came over to see him and comment on what a well behaved puppy he is. We had some folks who are also dog fanciers say he has really nice legs and that we couldn't have picked a nicer breed of dog. We were very encouraged that we were blessed with the perfect dog for our breeding program (tee hee) Thanks again Cindy!!! WE will be looking forward to his first set of puppies next year when he and his girlfriend GRACIE are ready. Gracie belongs to my friend Sandy who got me started with this breed of dogs. I'M HOOKED!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Willow FINALLY kidded!

Today, 6/3/07, El Cerro Wind in the Willows finally kidded with two big buck kids. Both are VERY nice looking boys. The Black and White one might be retained but the Chamoisee will be up for sale in a 6 weeks. Both boys are nice and angular! I like the wide wide escutcheon on the black and white one. I couldn't expect anything less than these nice boys from a Jr. Champion buc)

Great Show WEEKEND!!!

The 2007 SWDGA/ADGA Quad show was one of our best ever shows. Esperanza SJ Patience is now a finished Champion in one Registery but needs one more win to finish in the other. She may finish in the July club show 7/14.
Her 2007 daughter is sold. Shalom who we sold earlier won 4 firsts with many favorable comments from the judges. Her daugher and son: CBF Chikorita and CBF Entei are both being retained after some very favorable comments from most all of the judges. Despite the fact they were the tiniest goats at the whole show. Chicki and Entei's sire, Lost Valley KW Orion is now finished as well. Joie's sire (Nizhoni's PV Desert Wind)took a very favorable Reserve Grand behind Orion. We accepted an offer from Prairie Wood to sell back PuttinOnTheRitz to replace his father since he will have to be put down (I want to cry - I really like Racketeer) but this enabled us to keep Entei, whom we are ALL enamored with! We want to congratulate all of those who had a great weekend this weekend: Sandy at Twilight Star Nigerians, Kat at Flying Goat Ranch, Lora at PrairieWood Ranch, Darlene at Nizhoni Farm and Renee at Corrales Kid Ranch.. Awesome weekend gals!!! The wins were too numerous to list here BUT - visit their websites (some are links on my page)