Sunday, June 3, 2007

Great Show WEEKEND!!!

The 2007 SWDGA/ADGA Quad show was one of our best ever shows. Esperanza SJ Patience is now a finished Champion in one Registery but needs one more win to finish in the other. She may finish in the July club show 7/14.
Her 2007 daughter is sold. Shalom who we sold earlier won 4 firsts with many favorable comments from the judges. Her daugher and son: CBF Chikorita and CBF Entei are both being retained after some very favorable comments from most all of the judges. Despite the fact they were the tiniest goats at the whole show. Chicki and Entei's sire, Lost Valley KW Orion is now finished as well. Joie's sire (Nizhoni's PV Desert Wind)took a very favorable Reserve Grand behind Orion. We accepted an offer from Prairie Wood to sell back PuttinOnTheRitz to replace his father since he will have to be put down (I want to cry - I really like Racketeer) but this enabled us to keep Entei, whom we are ALL enamored with! We want to congratulate all of those who had a great weekend this weekend: Sandy at Twilight Star Nigerians, Kat at Flying Goat Ranch, Lora at PrairieWood Ranch, Darlene at Nizhoni Farm and Renee at Corrales Kid Ranch.. Awesome weekend gals!!! The wins were too numerous to list here BUT - visit their websites (some are links on my page)

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