Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My CBF Entei

See the little grey goat in the middle just to the right of the judge in red? He will be our new HERDSIRE. And, he will be the first one carrying our farm name. After the favorable comments by the two judges, I'm excited! Despite being the youngest, and littlest goat in the whole show, he recieved very positive comments from this Judge. He said he "expects this tiny little buck kid, when he matures, to go strait to the front of the line". He placed him 5th because most of the other bucks in his class were nearly twice his size (the class was Jr. Bucks 6 m0 and under). He commented on his long level topline and wide escutcheon. WE were pretty sure we wouldn't win the class with a 4 week old buck but it was fun showing our first two Nigie babies of the year. Entei's sister Chickorita also recieved some similar comments so we are please that this breeding produced such nice kids for us.

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