Sunday, February 24, 2013

We were blessed last Wednesday with our first babies of the year.  God is good!  Very uneventful deliver for a First Freshener doe.  We've been waiting for CBF TZ Marina to get pregnant for a very long time 
so we stuck her with a very seasoned buck this year (MCH/CH Hill Country's DAX Stitch *S) 
This cross produced two very lovely well put together boys who are extremely friendly and 
will likely be sold as wethers.  Bummer for the hay fund but at least they are healthy, cute and 
This is D1 who my daughter calls Captain Jack Sparrow (Sparrow for short) 

and this is D2 - Will Turner - or Turner for short.  Suzy has spoiled Marina rotten as Marina is her doe 
and I have a feeling that these boys will also be spoiled rotten as well.  If I cannot find Suzy, she's usually out in the goat pen holding and loving on the boys.  Tomorrow morning will be our first morning milking. I will separate momma and babies tonight for about 10 hours and have our first milking of the year. 
Oh my goodness.  It's only been about 3 weeks since I dried up the last two girls but I cannot wait to have milk and cheese again!!!! 
I have actually milked Marina a few times as she is fuller than the boys can drink and she's easy breezy - should be a good doe for Suzy to start milking this year.  
Now we are on baby watch for Doe #2 to freshen. Seldom Herd Dickory is due (also bred to Stitch) on wed of this week - She's HUGE!!!  Praying for a few girls on this one.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

We are trudging ever closer to our first babies of the year.  We start kidding in about 2 weeks...I say about because no matter how well timed you think you are, they still come when they are good and ready.  
Marina (not pictured) is the first to go. She is due Feb 22, 2013. Sono'd with 1+.  I hope more than one as I detest large single babies in a FF doe.  So I am hoping that there was another kid hiding behind the big kid the vet saw.  Marina is our 2 X Junior champion doe out of a stellar milking FF doe.  Sure wish I hadn't sold that doe but she now resides at a great farm - Sunset Plains. 
Second up is Dickory.  This is Dickory (see pics above and below) She is huge. I never sono'd her because she got big fast so I just assumed she was bred - she most certainly is as she's been steadily bagging up for several weeks.  She is due March 1.  Her and Marina are both bred to MCH/CH Hill Country's DAX Stitch.  I am half expecting triplets here but who knows? 

Valley Flowers Lily of the Valley is next in line - she is a Stitch daughter who is bred to our little buck 
Flat Rock Earl Grey (Enchanted Hill Virginia X Irish Whisper Harry Potter) he's barely 9 months old now but was up to the job of breeding several does in Sept/Oct.  
REally cannot wait to see Lily's udder and Earl's first kids here.  

After Lily we have my hubby's Kinder doe, Cleo due.  She will be kidding near the end of March, then we have a big break and Last Straw Chattahoochee *D/*M will be due April 27th.  We are going on Thursday to ultrasound Chatty's granddam Prairie Wood Peachy at the vets so will know if she is bred or not and if yes, When she is due more or less. I have 3 breeding dates on her and am not really certain which is right.