Monday, December 20, 2010

More Great News regarding our buck.

Our little buck Ironwoodranch A Good Intrigue *S/*B 's dam Ironwoodranch SJ Pecan 2*D/2*M made it to ADGA's Superior Genetics list for 2010. Exciting because this is the first year Nigerians are included in the SG program and she earned it through her herd participating in the 305 day milk testing program as well as Linear Appraisal program.
She is one leg away from being a permanent champion also so her SG status can be upgraded once she earns that leg.
WE sure are happy with our stinky little guy! he's bred several of our does and several outside does now for spring 2010 babies. WE really are looking forward to seeing what his kids do this coming year and the years to follow. Thank you so much Ironwood Ranch for our Intrigue. He is a little treasure for us and will be happy to use him for the years to come!
There is also a possibility that a new buck will join our herd this year. His Granddam is Pecan's herdmate Minnie who also made it to the SG list. I won't say much more until this new little guy comes to join our herd as he isn't even born yet. Minnie is also tied with one other doe for the highest milk quantity on a one day test at 7.0#s. NOT that I want that much milk but the genetics are there to sustain a good milking herd of Nigerians.
I think we have a lot to look forward to in 2011 and beyond thanks to the addition of some excellent animals joining our little herd. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! See you and your herd in 2011. PS - we are currently updating our website now. Check soon for breeding page updates as well as the arrival of new kids starting in Feb 2011.

Monday, December 13, 2010

More Farm photos

Here is little Lucky, the smallest member of the herd. Hippity Hooves GD Lucky Star is the daughter of beautiful little Lost Valley PG Bebe (a double Kingwood bred doe and daughter of ARMCH Lost Valley KW Bridges Burn. ) and Rosasharn's HB Gideon *S/*B . She is possibly the sweetest little doe I own. I love her calm personality.
This is lovely Cleo - half sister to Lucky out of Gideon and Nizhoni's BB Lila Fay. Lila was a mega milker but didn't particularly care for being handled or milked. WE do hope that Cleo is not following her momma - she doesn't appear to yet! She is also very calm and laid back and lets us handle her very easily. I cannot wait to milk her. She is bred to Dragonfly USH Ten Zen (Rosasharn's Ushikai and Twin Creeks BW Pacifica). We hope that Zen will be a good balanced linebreeding for our little Cleo.
Cleo and Hope playing . I love watching the girls play and have fun together. When I'm out there they usually just sit in my lap but today they did go off and play some. It will be fun to see a whole new generation of kids playing out there this the meantime I will treasure days like today where I can go out and spend some time giving scratches and enjoying the beautiful day!

Farm Photos.

It is an incredibly beautiful day here in NM. As much as we need the precipitation right now I am grateful for the balmy 60* weather. I had a chance to just go sit with the girls and give everyone some love. Well, except poor Intrigue here who is a tad stinky and peed on. But hey, he's doing his job as a buck so I'm not complaining too much. I cannot get over how much this boy has grown. Right now two of my does and 3 outside does are due by him from Feb - May.

Here is my beautiful little Hope - she is bred to handsome Intrigue for March babies - March 1st-ish. She is out of Nizhoni's DW Tirzah and Piddlin Acres H Calm the Storm.
Here is momma doe Tirzah just hanging out. I love this beautiful doe, right now she is probably my top doe. Her daughter looks just like her only a bit darker chocolate chamoisee. I can't wait to see the mother daughter udders here. Tirzah is due about 10 days after her daughter and Tirzah is re-bred to Storm. So anyone wanting a Tirzah baby can get a preview of what to expect!