Monday, March 29, 2010

FInally pictures of Tirzah's Udder

I finally got pictures of Tirzah's udder at 11 hours full. I am super excited about this doe's FF udder. I cannot even believe how lovely and well attached this udder is. I am sooooo glad I am keeping her daughter for this year and am considering keeping her son intact (thought not really sure who I would breed him to yet) LOL!


Holly said...

Nice udder!! A udder like that is always a pretty sight. It always seems that it is the hardest to get a smooth front attachent on full sized dairy goats. A pocket seems to dominate them. Has that been your experience or is it a different deal with Nigerians?

D. said...

This is my first Nigerian to have a smoother front attachment. I get the feeling that smooth front attachment is hard on any breed! I have seen some nice smooth ones on some websites recently though for Nigies(Poppy Patch Nigerians) that were IMPRESSIVE!