Monday, May 11, 2009

Lots of News

WE have lots of news so I'll divide it in two for those who want to only read Alyssa updates or those who like the goat news too. I wanted to post all of this earlier but our weekend was so busy I never had much time to sit down and write.
ALYSSA NEWS - Friday we had an appt with Dr. Winter and we didn't get the good news we expected - We got " the shrinkage in her tumor wasn't enough, I'm sorry Alyssa will now have to go thru 14 radiation treatments" GULP. What this means is that she will have two weeks M-F of daily treatments and then 4 days the next week. Also there will be an appt where they mold a pillow to her body the way they want it positioned so she stays still and right where they want her during treatments = Thankfully the treatments are quick and precise. Side effects short term are: sunburned skin at the site, tiredness and possibly nausea though most folks said they did not have nausea during the treatments - just tired and sunburned. Her and I have cried our piece now and we just need to wait for the call for us to go in and meet with our Pediatric Radiologist.
Today is also my appt with the Surgeon to determine when I will have the Thyroid half with the nodule removed. NOT really looking forward to this but it is time. I hope I can get it done before alyssa starts radiation.

GOAT NEWS - Joie and Twinkle went to a one day milk test this past weekend. Joie milked
3.8 lbs (compared to 3.2 last year when she earned her star for AGS) we are trying to earn her star in ADGA. Twinkle milked 2.2 lbs as a First Freshener so I doubt she'd earn her star. HOWEVER - even if she did she would get it as her tattoo in her right ear was unreadable so I will be re-tattooing! PTHTHTHT!!!

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