Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally a Picture of CBF CS Tinker Belle

This little miss is so hard to get a picture of because she never stops moving!!!! FINALLY I got one. It's a MIRACLE!!!!
She's a pretty little thing and soooo sweet.


Miss Pickwickian said...

So cute!

Some little ones are just impossible to get good pictures of!
We had our first goat kid of the year yesterday!

Enjoyed the blog and pictures.

D. said...

Too True - especially when they are so active! Congrats on your first of the year - I LOVE kidding season!

Remembering said... little ones were born on Feb. 1 two years ago..brrrr Next day they were doing that little goat spring jump. Try getting a picture of that!

Wren said...

Sweet indeed! Nice blog!

D. said...

thank you - I enjoy blogging immensly