Saturday, April 17, 2010

CBF Ent's Whistlin' Dixie kidded

Got a call from the Dennison Family at about 7:10 pm - Dixie kidded with
twin does! They are sired by Piddlin Acres H Calm The Storm.
One twin was chocolate with white and the other was a buckskin with blue eyes and a white topknot. Congrats Dennison's on a terrific start of your kidding season
and way to go Dixie & Storm. that brings his doe/buck count to 4/3. I know of only a few more does due to him in the next few months and then a bunch in fall for his new owner - Nizhoni's Nigierian Goats.

Now we are waiting anxiously to hear news from Fence Lake - The Ruiz family is expecting
babies out of CBF CS Ammi and CBF TD Pepper in the very near future. These are sired by Lost Valley JL Pepe Le Pew! As well as their other 4 does from Prairie Wood Ranch.

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