Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think we are going to have more babies!

After watching Skye for nearly a week now -(maybe she is....maybe she isn't.......maybe she is........) I think we are going to have babies this evening. She has uddered up and her tailhead is mush.
Yeah, she filled up her escutcheon pretty well didn't she. And I did see some mucus on her vulva and she's panting pretty hard, picked at her food a bit tonight.
YIPPEE - more babies!

These are the twins from last weekend - Two boys from miss Priss the Oberhasli and her Beau the Kinder goat - Ray. Their names are Teriyaki and Ramen. I think we are going to be back in the milk this coming weekend! YEAH! I will be making tons of soap and yogurt and cheese and! I love SPRING!

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