Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It appears that little miss Tirzah is finally coming to terms with being a milk goat. I had to take Carbonado off of her and move him to the buck pen with Intrigue because the two boys were harassing all the girls mercilessly (BUCKS -OYE!!!!). I am bottle feeding Carbonado part time and leaving Hope with mom. This is the amount of milk I got this morning!
Yep folks, that is darn close to a quart and the baby was only off of her for 10 hours. I am pretty pleased with this girl - I cannot wait to milk test her in July but am seriously wishing I'd gone ahead and signed up for 305 day testing (I did not for 2 reasons - my milk tester forgot to re-certify and I thought it was going to be too stressful to milk test when most everyone I was freshening was a FF !) Lessons learned - I will not make that same mistake again next year!

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I like this post, I learn a lot :)