Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's been a really long time since I've posted here.  NOT that our farm hasn't been doing anything, it has but I just have been so busy I've not had time to post.  PLUS, I cannot figure out how to use all the new technology (smart phone) that I use for pics to post on here (on the positive side, I did figure out how to use it on facebook so you are ALWAYS welcome to check out what our farm is doing on our Facebook page
CBF Nigerian Dwarf Goats.)
So here is our update in a nutshell.
*This year we were down to 4 does (all Nigerian) and all were bred.  We had 11 babies, mostly does! Thank God!

* We are in our 3rd year of milk testing and almost all of our does have now earned their milk stars in both registries.  Except those who are 1 yo and younger of course!

*Susanna was given her own starter herd by a very good friend so we welcomed Alethia Farm Posey's Flower Girl, Alethia Farm Over the Moon (Moonie), and Seldom Herd Jammy Dodger.  Also I now own Proctor Hill Farm Kingspear.

* We kept 1 doeling this year out of a doe we got on a trade - her dam was an excellent milker but lacked udder attachments, we hope this kid has improvements in that area, and milks as well as her dam did.

* Last Straw Chattahoochee is now SGCH/MCH Last Straw Chattahoochee *M *D VEEV 88. So very proud of our girl!

*We traded a doe kid to a herd that we sold goats to a few years back for a doe kid out of some of our original stock and some new blood. She should come sometime in late fall.  No name yet of course but we'll let you know when she is born!

* We think we've sold all of our kids and are starting to think about the upcoming breeding season.
Here is our tentative breeding schedule:
Posey will be bred to Moonie in Nov for April kids
Lily will be bred back to Kingspear in Nov for April kids
Night will be bred to Kingspear for May kids
Jammy will possibly be bred to Moonie for May kids
Chatty will be bred Kingspear for Sept/Oct kids
Dickory will be bred to Moonie for Sept/Oct kids.
(Hershey X Chaco doeling) to ?? for Sept/Oct kids

God is so good and we are more excited than ever for the changes we are making and the new blood we've brought in - cannot wait to see what happens next year.

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