Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chickorita at 5 Months Old

I thought I'd take some time to Update the pictures of all the girls and get them up as breeding season is getting underway here at
Cornerstone of Bosque Farms. Here is a picture of 5 month old CBF Chikorita (Prairie Wood Sweet Shalom X MCH Lost Valley KW Orion) She is so long and dairy but went through a ugly phase now she's pulling out of it. Just needs a little more leg growth. Not that you can tell in this picture, she is wide, deep, and angular with a long neck. I am really looking forward to seeing how she matures and what kind of udder she has - she sure has the genetics to have a beautiful well attached one. Her brother, CBF Entei is in the breeding pen with El Cerro Wind in the Willows as I write so I will have to wait to get his updated pictures - Willow too! We are really hoping she's bred though, she seems to like him a lot which is a first for Willow: she usually hates being bred (loves being a mom and a milker though).

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