Thursday, April 12, 2007


We woke up this Morning to find CBF Miss Priss cleaning up the last of her 3 kids. She kidded out 2 bucklings and 1 doeling - DARLING. We will be keeping the doeling and the two bucks will be wethered and sold as pets. Doeling's name will be CBF Miss Congeniality. She is pure black like her mommy and is TINY. She has a nice quiet disposition compared to her brothers who are currently named McScreamy and Cry baby. No, these won't be their permanent names but they are definitely cry -boys. Here's a few photos, will get more since I couldn't get a good pic of the boys this morning. The one pictured alone is Miss Congeniality. The boys are under mommy. Way to go Miss Priss and RA Buckshott.

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