Monday, April 2, 2007


Cornerstone Farms had a fantastic weekend. The SWNDGC March Mini Madness show went great for all involved. Prairie Wood took home the Sr. Champion doe/Best Udder in show with MK Abital OB (both RA Buckshott and PuttinOntheRitz's dam!) and the Grand Champion buck which finishes PrairieWood Pinnacle Blues (who is the grandsire to babies Joie is carrying). Sandy at Twylite Star Nigerians took home the Jr. Champion doe Piddlin'acres BZ Delux Edition, and we took home the Jr. Champion buck (who is already sold) with RA Buckshott. Our other friend Darlene took home several Reserve Champions and we are so happy for everyone. Yesterday (Sunday) we came home from church to find that our runaway Araucana hen had just been next door for the last month setting on eggs and had hatched out 6 little chicks. We caughter her and the chicks and put them in a safe spot and they all seem to be doing well. I will be posting pics as soon as I have found the camara (we are still unpacking show stuff) and download the pics. I will also post pics of the chicks when I get that done as well!!!

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