Monday, August 27, 2007

Nellie the Lamb

Ha Ha, Here is a cute (but off perspective) photo of our Nellie. My precious hubby decided we needed a homegrown source of meat. Boy, does G*d hear his prayers! A neighbor came bearing a newborn Barbados lamb whose mother rejected her. She knew we had goats milk so we recieved Nellie. She will be used to breed for a future supply of homegrown lamb meat for our family. I think sometimes we've gone off the deep end but she's a sweetie pie (a bit loud but sweet). She follows my hubby around like a "Mary's little lamb" wagging her tail the whole time. It cracks me up!


Terri said...

Wait, do I see lines drawn on her for chops, brisket, roast, etc? I'll believe it when I see it! Do not name your food.

D. said...

Yea, she's only for FUTURE meat production. No way the hubby is going to eat something that follows him around like a puppy.